Word: NO YEAR GIVEN But Keep Eyes On September (God’s Handmaiden)

Word: NO YEAR GIVEN But Keep Eyes On September (God’s Handmaiden)


Prophetic Word: ‘September’ Warning – Prepare for Cataclysmic Event

Given to “God’s Handmaiden” on August 26th, 2016

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vImpOBbwS9I


“September, September 28th for some it will be too late. Don’t wait, prepare, gather, store up, be prepared; food, water oil for lamps, batteries etcetera, necessities GET READY! Now prepare! I say tell others to prepare, now don’t wait, it will be too late.

Remember the date September 28th, don’t delay that is day September 28th. September will go by fast, you will see more natural disasters fires burning civil unrest. People are being put to the test, no rest wake up! Now turn to Me fall on your knees, it is I you shall seek and see Me. I Am God, the only one who controls the world. You are not in control, I Am, it is Me that you’ll seek. Don’t delay, there’s not another day, there is no other way but by Me.”

Sister Mary’s Comments:

“That was the word and today is September the 1st 2016 and the LORD has allowed me to hear the emergency broadcast warning 3 times today. He has dropped at them a spirit once again that he had already tell me 6 months ago that he was going to use a cataclysmic event and He has dropped September in 6 months ago and so today was it. I didn’t want to put this word on because it had a date but now he saying put it all every word that I am giving you because it is to warn my people to be ready. So I’m telling you brothers and sisters be in prayer but also take heed to the word and get prepared to not have modern conveniences. God Bless You today.”

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  1. Apparently, the 28th of Elul is when God made the celestial bodies. Could this have something to do with the planetary system incoming? Just a thought!


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