FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA) (MasterpieceConCen)

FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA) (MasterpieceConCen)

REMEMBER: walmarts (Mart (ial) Law) that closed are right BY RAILROAD TRACKS (most of them). They will be processing centers and never go to one to get food, meds, or water when the bad times hit. You will go in, they will take you out the back and you will never come out again as they shackle you on the trains and take you there by buses if there is no railroad there.

check out too that they have LARGE FURNACES …….hmm, reduce the human bodies to ashes.

In the goal of human depopulation it is currently focused on civil unrest by economic collapse or by well organized catastrophic event, which very well may be attempted to help the current government look as the savior (food water healthcare security). Project Blood Moon may very well be the start. Why would any government want to house a bunch of fat loud mouthed selfish people and have to feed, bathe, etc. In economic faith crisis people would be willing to accept anything to recover their identity, and with food and water shortages event, they’ll take a biblical mark upon which you will live and be, otherwise you will starve and suffer to death, you, your children, and your spouse ….. unless he/she takes the mark of currency with id. First catastrophy leading to mass confusion and crime wave to reduce the human pollution, then a saviorship method where the giving up the arms and taking a garden tool and peace and good health will become the norm.
Fema Camps - YouTube
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