Are We About To Go Into A 1929 Market Crash?

Are We About To Go Into A 1929 Market Crash?

During my prayer time this past Sunday morning, I believe God put it on my heart to study the 1929 market crash. So I cancelled what I was planning to do and spent the day studying the Dow Jones numbers for 1929, starting with the top on September 3.

This year, SPX topped on July 26, 2019, so if that was the top, our timeline is running a little ahead of 1929. I compared the daily price movements from the two tops, 1929 vs 2019, and found we’ve been tracking amazingly close. Assuming the day of the top is day 1, today was trading day 14. In 1929, the market had dropped by 6.19% at the close on day 14. SPX closed today down 6.13%, almost an identical amount. The numbers vary from day to day, but so far if we’ve fallen behind the analog, we’ve quickly caught up, and if we’ve dropped faster than they did, we’ve slowed down. The analog indicated SPX should close today (Wednesday, Aug 14) at 2840, which is exactly where it closed. Yesterday, it indicated the intraday high should be 2943, which was exactly right again.

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James Bailey

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