Prophetic Dream: ZOMBIES (Isabelle)

Prophetic Dream: ZOMBIES (Isabelle)

I had a dream last night and it’s important to say that I have not watched any zombie movie or anything about survival or anything to do with a world disaster or anything! In fact, last night David and I watched a Pureflix movie (Upside down?I think that was the name) it was really good about a young man getting his vision switched upside down because of a concussion while playing lacrosse. So there is no way this dream and what we watched is connected at all! It is also important to say that David and I have been experiencing the worse warfare we have ever had, the last 2 weeks have been hell…and yesterday we had prayed heavily together and finally started feeling some peace and happiness (we had 4 terrible, terrible, days of non stop enemy barrage that was causing us extreme emotional distress and causing us to fight and it was just real bad).

So here is the dream:

I was in an auditorium with some younger people (not sure why I was there or what we had listened to) but then the crowd started to disperse (leave) and I remember going back to where I thought I was sitting to go get my small black purse (I don’t use a purse in real life- I use a backpack) but anyways I went and there were a few small black purses and I was trying to find mine without looking through other people’s but I eventually found mine and then beside it I found like my old school Gameboy satchel (It’s an 80’s GameBoy fanny pack where you can put your Gameboy and games inside – I still have this tucked away in a drawer) and I remember thinking “Well someone took that out of my bag!”. *Just now while writing this I got the understanding that I think the GameBoy represents the age group of the people who were there in the auditorium (30’s – early 40’s). And I see someone I know in real life, someone who does not believe in God. And she says, look, look at the clouds. So I look and it’s like this cartoon version of the sky and clouds (like if you were animating a weather channel for kids of something) and it had these weird shaped clouds (like little atomic bomb shaped clouds) and I had a knowing that it was weather manipulation where they released something and the clouds could have been potentially hiding something too – like the clouds were a mask for whatever it really was but it looked like this weird cloud) and they were moving around really fast and she said “those are not normal clouds”. And she started to walk away to leave but then I said “Veronica! You need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you need to be saved before you die or you won’t go to Heaven! This is serious!” and she smiled and I think maybe she said something (I don’t remember) and walked away.

The scene changes and I see people panicking, and I know there are zombies running outside. I am now in some sort of fast food place or somewhere where they have speakers and a P.A system where I can talk in the mic and everyone hears it. But I start walking around YELLING “Jesus loves you!!!! Jesus loves you!!! You need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour to have eternal salvation!! You need to accept Him before you die!!! ” And I was YELLING it, trying to get anyones attention, I am trying to get people to listen to me but they are too scared and panicked! So I go find that P.A system and I start to say the same thing, “Jesus loves you!!! You need to be saved! You need to be saved before you die so you can go to Heaven!” And while I am screaming this into the P.A there’s a man who works there trying to take the mic away from me but I just strong arm him, and keep screaming the message as much as I can hoping people are listening so they can accept Jesus before they die. I knew so, so, so many people were going to die and I didn’t want them going to hell.

Then she scene changes and I am still in this fast food place but I am now in the front where there are glass doors to get into the store and I see zombies running around outside and then two come and run at the glass doors and I don’t know if I open them to get out or if someone else did but then the zombies suddenly die right there and I had a feeling that it was because of me, like because I was saved or maybe I had some super powers but just being close to me killed them. I think I may have gotten bit or got some of their blood on me but I wasn’t worried, somehow I knew that I was safe and I couldn’t be harmed in that way (I couldn’t be killed and or turned into a zombie by way of bite or contamination).

The scene then changes and I am in a warehouse store with some other women and we were looking for light but long weapons for protection, we picked up a metal spade shovel (it was light, but had a long enough reach, and could cause some damage) and I remember a lady handing them out to the rest of us. The scene changes again and it’s almost like a video game screen where there was an obstacle course (well it didn’t have too many obstacles but more like a wood planks and walls that you need to be able to climb up on and be able to get across) and it was showing me how to climb certain things and then use a teammate to help you traverse it, so teamwork to get across certain terrain. (This could represent the need for teamwork not only in helping one another in a community way but also to survive and get to where we need to).

The scene then switches again and I am in this big building, I believe it was a hospital and I know that we are camping out in there…we must have been a group of people that banded together to get more information on what was happening, and how to fight the enemy. So I am wandering down these white, sterile looking halls and I am trying to pay attention how to get back to where I was (I frequently get lost in dreams, like I go somewhere and when I try to go back, the path changes or there are new walls or something happens where I can’t get back to where I originally started) and I get to somewhere and I see a door and it has a glass window and I see a zombie and I think to myself “One has gotten in”. So then the scene changes and it’s panic mode all over again, whoever this group I was with, well they were all running around trying to get regrouped to get out of this place and get there families and colleagues, etc out of there. And in the midst of everyone running around, I am asking “How do I get back to my family? Where is my family?!” Because in this dream I don’t remember how to get back to where I started. So everyone is panicking and running around and I keep asking people who are going by me and finally a lady stops and says you need to go on the 1st floor (I am pretty sure it was the 1st) and then another lady says, “Don’t worry, I will come with you and show you”.

So then the scene changes and I am in this room with maybe a handful of people and I can tell it’s all the important people from this group I am with, one of them seems to be a researcher or doctor, someone who has been studying these zombies and he is trying to talk but he seems too distracted and nervous and worried and instead of just telling us the information he has he keeps mumbling and saying “Uhm..well…like…” so finally I said, “Stop! Just give us the information, list it!” I said that so he could just get it out because we are running out of time, these zombies have infiltrated the place and we need to know what this dude knows before we get out of there. And he starts to say “Their bite! And I am like, “Yeah well like don’t get bit because it’s transmitted?” and He is like “No, they are really strong, they will rip your arm right off”. 

And then the alarm went off….so I didn’t get to hear the rest of the information. But when I woke up, I felt so drowsy, it felt exactly like how it was, if you were doing something and something startled you and you woke up and I felt really disappointed I didn’t get to hear the rest of the information. I know the dream is from the Lord because it is so vivid and I remember all the details, like a movie you watch and it gets seared into your memory. Also, when I get things from the Lord you just have a knowing about certain things and that happened a few times in this dream. I figured I would share this with you because I know it is important and if Abba leads you to share it, please do.

I love you!


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