Prophetic Word: I WILL THROW THEM DOWN (Barbara Francis)

Prophetic Word: I WILL THROW THEM DOWN (Barbara Francis)

I WILL THROW THEM DOWN – Barbara Francis

I will throw them down

Barbara Francis

Daughter , share what you have seen and heard. In my prayer time this morning August 9, 2019 6 am, I asked you if there was anything I needed to see . WHAM, you showed me the statue of Liberty in NY. Next you spoke…. Man exaults himself and pays homage to man. Each trying to out do the other. Building towers to honor themselves. PRIDE. Using technology and information gathered from from the fallen ones. Then you named things, the Seattle Needle, The Leaning tower of Pisa, the tower in Emerites.. I WILL THROW THEM DOWN. Just as I did in the past with the tower in Babylon. I will do it again in this last generation of man. MAN REFUSES TO HUMBLE HIMSELF AND REPENT AND RETURN TO ME. Vengeance is mine.

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