Prophetic Word: Who Do You Think You Are? (Kristina Heuken-Goossen)

Prophetic Word: Who Do You Think You Are? (Kristina Heuken-Goossen)

Who Do You Think You Are?

(Kristina Heuken-Goossen)

Hello my dears!

Today there were thunderstorms and heavy rain here.
When there is a thunderstorm and it thunders
then that is always GOD’S voice to me –
a call to us from HIM!
I just heard from a sister from America
that a tornado has destroyed much of her belongings!

Disasters are piling up and multiplying!
And they can really hit everyone!

It is high time for people to wake up
and repent
and get away from their wrong ways!

Accept YESHUA and GOD –
the only redemption and salvation for us.

Here’s the word:

My child,
hear the word of the LORD, O Lord!

Thus says the LORD:

Who are you that you say
Me and nobody else!
And where do you want to go with your foolish chatter?
What do you say about yourself?

Go and get out of my sight!
Because I am NOT your father
and you are not MY child!

Repent and recognize,
who you really are without ME!

Fallen then is any pride
the arrogance
has blinded you!
And your heart has become a stone!

And I will make it of flesh!
In the smelting furnace I will purify you!
Through fire and water you will experience your salvation!

Oh, be glad!
Oh, rejoice!

For your time of salvation has come!
Free of sin,
Free from wrongly imposed yoke!

For who I set free,
is really FREE!

So expect a hard time
but it will bring you longed for joy and love!

True joy
True peace
Unfeigned love!

I’ll put you back then,
from where I tore you away!
YES, I had to do that,
so that you realize
how shaming you against ME
and behaved against the MINE!

But that is now snow of yesterday!
I covered it with MY love!
As far away as the east from the west is!

And you will realize what MY love is doing,
in your life!

Look and understand!

It already sprouts out!


Jeremiah 3


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