Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith To Embrace Homosexuality

Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith To Embrace Homosexuality

Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith to Embrace Homosexuality

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If you think that is a big leap and jumping to conclusions, let’s examine the trajectory Beth Moore has been on for the last several months. Moore has always befriended homosexuals and LGBT activists, like Rachel Held Evans and Jen Hatmaker. She enthusiastically proclaims her dedication to them — that, despite the biblical command for Christians to do the exact opposite (1 Corinthians 5:11), she will break bread with them.

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4 Replies to “Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith To Embrace Homosexuality”

  1. Who is this guy claiming that she’s homosexual ? Lies!! Ms. Sophie- I pray to God you remove this posting UNLESS you have enough proof to back it up!
    Accusations doesn’t make it true!

    Thank you!

    1. Will you please read the article again…it DOES NOT SAY she is homosexual. It says she embraces homosexuality and sides with them. She is to be against homosexuality for it is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. She is directly opposed to God’s wishes. Pray for the gays to turn from their sins. She has fallen away from the Word.

  2. I have been kick out of more churches because they think im sinning in the Gay lifestyle.. Im not I have been saved 39 yr.. So this very thinking this guy is doing is full of judgement.. U must show love.. n in some point share the truth.. If they want change.. then they will repent… Most of them love it.. I have share with 1 4 3.5 years.. God know their heart. n showed me.. They prefer sin, pride, money, looks, than to lay their life down to save others perishing..Its about them n what they want from others.. Lust is love to them.. I have been watching God judge them with WOES n they blame me 4 their choices.. so grow up.. n quite judging.. start serving.. which is love.. n most married couple practice sodomy.. so let get off our hi horse. get to know them.. n stop being afraid.. a grown man is afraid of what.. do not put people down… truth is love… I was given Job 40-42 kjv. n speaks to those friends of jobs that judge him wrongly. j

    1. I have no idea what you are trying to say and I am sorry but what I just read you are speaking from two sides of your mouth. The person who wrote the article is rebuking this woman and that is love to save her from falling completely away.
      Nobody is putting the gay person down. We are to HATE THE SIN in them. She is embracing them and working for their cause.

      Example: if someone you knew was going to commit suicide, do you walk up to them and say “I understand, God loves you and I will pray for you” and then watch them jump or would you say “Look I understand you are hurting but if you jump you will end up in hell and I love you and please don’t jump and then pulls them off that bridge”. Who is your friend..the one who prayed and said God loves you and I love you and let them jump or the person who stopped them from jumping? Who has more love?

      it is the person that told them where they will end up if they commit suicide. Love is harsh, truth is tough for most to take because it convicts the person. But truth saves the person. Love is not just accepting anything and everything.

      It has nothing with putting people down. We are to rebuke and help that person that is falling away. She is in much danger and has fallen for the lies of satan. He wants us to say “God loves you”…but satan twists everything and people go around never understanding that God is also a judge and the juror, not man and His judgments are just. There is a severity to God also.

      My heart is for all people but I warn them too that if they accept abominations they are in danger of judgment from God, not me for misleading these people saying God loves you and you will get to heaven. I can’t judge anyone but that person that embraces the abomination has put themselves under condemnation and judgments of God because they are not warning them to come out of that lifestyle. SISTER, we are to BRING THEM OUT OF HOMOSEXUALITY and not just accept it. That helps none of them.

      I don’t understand this sentence: I have been kick out of more churches because they think im sinning in the Gay lifestyle.. (are you telling me you are a lesbian?)


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