Urgent Request For Help With His Ministry (NADEZHDA ARMY)

Urgent Request For Help With His Ministry (NADEZHDA ARMY)

Please take this to the Lord in prayer about what to do

I am waiting on an address also to send to him directly since he is having all these problems receiving donations and as soon as he sends it to me I will put it on here.

Email us at – endtimesnewsministry@hotmail.com

CURRENTLY.. use this paypal – danielnadezhda@hotmail.com – Thank You!

End Times News Ministry: any clips used in our reporting videos are within ‘fair use policy’, for reporting and critique


Paypal – danielnadezhda@hotmail.com – Thank You!

Support via Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/nadezhda

Transferwise – please email for details
Cash in the post – please email for address
Cheque (in Euro or Pound Sterling only) – Please email for details
Bank Transfer – please email for details

ETNM YouTube viewers (you) have adopted a Roma Community in Bulgaria: All donations, (unless otherwise specified) are used to feed, clothe and educate the Roma children in the gypsy ghetto in Bulgaria, where 80% of the 37,000 residents are illiterate and living conditions are abysmal.

God bless you dear sister, and thank you for sharing of our ministry and reaching out to us.. We were invited to preach here 4 years ago.. in an impoverished Roma gypsy ghetto in Sliven, Bulgaria… and in seeing the way in which people live, i decided to ask our viewers to help… It has grown from there, and 2 years ago i moved permanently into this ghetto to live and work among the poorest folk in eastern europe. There are 37,000 people in this ghetto. 80% unemployment and illiteracy, and an average life expectancy of 50-something.


We are doing what we can, at the Lords pace as he prompts people to support. Building homes and bathrooms, providing, heating, doors, windows, beds and basic improvements to homes to keep rats, burglers and cold out…


Sadly we cannot received cheques as bulgarian banks no longer receive them from outside europe. But we can receive cash donations through the post to:

Daniel Erikson-Hyl



  1. Preobrazhenska 39


089 7667 567


We can currently also receive by Bank transfer, or paypal to danielnadezhda@hotmail.com


God bless you



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