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Christine Or Cynthia ?- Scamming Off Go Fund Me 🤔 (Chelley Hall)

Christine Or Cynthia ?- Scamming Off Go Fund Me 🤔 (Chelley Hall)

I know a couple of you weren’t believing that Kerry Ann should be exposing these people but here are now 3 more confirming this. So, in defense of Kerry Ann I know she was told to expose her.

Christine Cooper Alias Cynthia Dial will be reported to Gofund me and made to give back the money she fleeced from the flock our brothers and sisters in Christ
, scamming the people of God for money when they are all needing money trying to make tgem think they can part with their money because the rapture is happening that they don’t need their money Jesus is coming it’s a cruel trick … She is a very clever manipulative con woman using and abusing people by using the Rapture of The Church …

People prophesying rapture is on 7/17 need to repent and why is this one asking for money if she is being raptured in 3 days??? Would you need a go fund me page if you were leaving so soon even if this page was put up 2 weeks ago? Think about it. Do not donate ……….oh my (Ms. Sophie)

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2 Replies to “Christine Or Cynthia ?- Scamming Off Go Fund Me 🤔 (Chelley Hall)”

  1. Ms. Sophie, this is literally a witch hunt and you should not debase yourself and your readers with this content. God is not happy with such judgemental behavior. Be on the look out for a rebuke from Him

    1. There are several confirmations under that video so please watch them. Everything must be confirmed by 2 or 3 witnesses and there are 3.
      He has not rebuked me but this was brought to my attention instead. Father is now exposing and he is taking them down one by one as He will be doing with the false Pastors and
      preachers etc and the churches.


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