2 Words: I AM The God Of Judgment & Will You Hear My Shout? (Sister Barbara & Brother Dan)

2 Words: I AM The God Of Judgment & Will You Hear My Shout? (Sister Barbara & Brother Dan)

I am the God of judgment

Monday June 17, 2019

BrDan and I got a prophecy at the same time God is awesome!

Those that fear me know me for I am the God of judgment. Have you looked into your heart? Have you humbled yourself in front of me. Have you repented for your disobedience? Have you not been warned? You have mocked my chosen and murdered the innocent. I am a God who is slow to anger but my justice is swift and final. The cries for justice have reached my ears. The clouds of war gather for soon the odor of death shall fill the lands. Your kings shall seek answers and offer reassurance that things will be all right. There false promises shall be met with my judgment.

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¡BrDan y yo obtuvimos una profecía al mismo tiempo que Dios es asombroso!

Los que me temen me conocen porque yo soy el Dios del juicio. ¿Has mirado en tu corazón? ¿Te has humillado delante de mí? ¿Te has arrepentido por tu desobediencia? ¿No has sido advertido? Te has burlado de mis elegidos y has asesinado a los inocentes. Soy un Dios que tarda en enojarse, pero mi justicia es rápida y definitiva. Los gritos de justicia han llegado a mis oídos. Las nubes de la guerra se reúnen para que pronto el olor de la muerte llene las tierras. Tus reyes buscarán respuestas y ofrecerán la seguridad de que todo estará bien. Allí las falsas promesas se cumplirán con mi juicio.

Godshealer7 Endtime prophecy youtube Channel

Will you hear my SHOUT ?

Monday June 17, 2019
Barbara Francis

The evildoers will be stricken down .in their iniquity. While the bridegroom tarried the wise virgins were busy preparing to leave. The foolish virgins slumbered and relaxed. Children I see the same thing happening now on your earth. I see those prepared and ready to leave with a shout and those having no idea how late the hour is. My bride, I’m coming for you . War will soon engulf the entire earth. Famine pestilence and death will kill many. Those waging Holy war will slaughter the innocent and many who have confessed my name. The proud will be humbled, the mockers and scoffers silenced. Those who remain behind will suffer and wail. The Beast will exterminate millions . My Judgement s have begun to fall . My Messengers cry …REPENT, REPENT, REPENT. The Day of THE LORD is at hand a dark and gloomy day. Will you hear my SHOUT ?


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