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Great Testimony: ╫ Muslim Sees And Hears Jesus!!! WOW!

Great Testimony: ╫ Muslim Sees And Hears Jesus!!! WOW!

THE BOOK SAM REFERRED TO: http://amzn.to/2fu1P4A

I too am a former muslim who is now a believer in Yeshua! The most beautiful experience I’ve ever felt, and grateful the holy spirit lives in me! Amen!
I was born in a Muslim family in India but then my family shifted to London I was devoted Muslim I believed that Jesus was just a prophet of Allah nothing else but then my Christian friend introduced me to a different view of Jesus I started going to their church and I experienced the love of Christ he was definitely more than just a prophet. I converted to Christianity best decision of my life✌️
Im not a christian but this video makes me want to be one
I converted also from atheism to christianity, i was broken and i was at edge. Jesus revealed his presence and fixed me. Now im certain who’s real
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