Que The Riots? … EBT System Going Down Nationwide (Hal Turner)

Que The Riots? … EBT System Going Down Nationwide (Hal Turner)

Que the RIOTS . . . EBT System Going Down Nationwide

The outage with the SNAP/EBT system is happening very fast, and in very many places, particularly in New York City, Chicago and Detroit.

Some are wondering how long it may be before the “under-privileged”begin to riot and burn the cities down?

In the meantime, no explanation for why the system seems to be down nationwide, or when it might come back




Daniel Thompson ·
Both ATT and VZ were having issues at the same time, and of course all the services that piggy back along with them. Having both of the USA internet backbones fail at the same time just doesn’t happen. The worse I ever saw when supervising the network operations center I worked at for over 10 years, was either ATT or VA having issues…never both at once.Testing the kill switch? Solar activity? Either way…..once the plug gets pulled either by natural forces, or someone pulling the plug intentionally, que the riots everywhere Keep prepping.



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