Prophetic Dream: Pray Against The Darkness (Christopher Harris)

Prophetic Dream: Pray Against The Darkness (Christopher Harris)

I agree; I do this type of warfare also. Friends, prayer really hinders the kingdom of darkness from going forth with his plans and always pray for God’s Will to be done and not Satan’s will when you pray. Pray against wars and pray it is only on God’s timeline, not satan’s. I do this and let us be better at interceding. Power of intercessory prayer is necessary now! Many of the people are not ready and if they died tomorrow, they would not make it so we need to pray that they be given a chance to come back to God.

His judgments will fall but if we pray for mercy it will be lessened. šŸ™‚

The enemy want war to start because he knows not many is aware or ready, it’s not in his power and it’s on God’s power and decision that’s why we need to pray for more time for those who are not ready and that can mean anyone who’s reading this. It’s why you have to get right with God or face extreme dreadful fear when the antichrist come, the least you can do is pray for time to get right with God.
Don’t just read this message… who is willing to pray? Really? Ask yourself all this time many saints have been praying for those that are not ready, stop sleeping and help one another.
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