MUST WATCH: Transformers & Decepticons – The Baphomets Endgame Is Upon Us!

MUST WATCH: Transformers & Decepticons – The Baphomets Endgame Is Upon Us!

A must watch video. Something I have noticed: I cannot understand why any mother, grandmother, father, grandfather or anyone would put anything depicting death unto their babies and children by buying them clothes with skulls on them and other symbols of death, horror or of the occult like Harry Potter and Disney clothes. We are to speak life over our children and not hand them over to death’s curse. Yes what you wear does have an effect….I hate it when I see little babies and children with these on and want to scream! Do not every put clothes, shoes, sneakers, underwear or anything that depicts horror, death and the like. This is not cool as many think! Also do not wear these types of clothing either if you are an adult. Please stop making these Satanists rich over selling you items promoting death.

This is an expose on those in the media and government. They are actors fooling the masses with their gender deception and the youth are eating it up. My problem is that we are forcing society down an irreversible path down the Do As Thou Wilt Sodom & Gomorrah road to destruction. Nothing new under the sun. History is repeating itself once again.

Boycott hellyweird and burn your hellyvision…research pregvestigations
The Catholic Church is so Demonic , how can one not see it for what it is ?
Bcuz, of Indoctrination, brainwashing…..PRIDE!! I know my Mother is Controlled by Catholicism, she’s in her 80’s Pray for Her, and my Siblings…..I’m the Questioner/the Non-Believer/Black Sheep of the Family! I Questioned everything in Cathechism Classes for 12 Years! Thanks for your hard work, of Revealing to Us Some TRUTHS!! GOD BLESS
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