WE Can Overcome Unforgiveness & Tips I Learned Along The Way (Ms. Sophie)

WE Can Overcome Unforgiveness & Tips I Learned Along The Way (Ms. Sophie)

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I am under severe attacks right now by satan for several reasons. Father is about to move me and then he is doing everything in his power to stop it and also I am sharing how to defeat the enemy here and you really need the book and you will see how. I am also exposing who satan is and other truths by those on you tube etc. He is trying to block me on all fronts now and please pray for me. Thank you because this week I got nothing done because of it since I have to spend hours in warfare or crying not knowing what I am to do now.


I know how hard it is myself and have been there. I had to pray A LOT about forgiveness and getting over what was done to me because I went through a horrific divorce that I would not wish on anyone. I had insomnia, anxiety over it and no peace. I cried all the time. Satan had me in a headlock. It took awhile but finally the peace came over me and I remembered something I heard long ago too. When we hold onto unforgiveness the other person or persons that did it to us they go on with their lives without giving it another thought and so we are only hurting ourselves. The best revenge is that they see that you refused to let them ruin your life. So pray and let it go. It will bring peace and unforgiveness of the heart also brings us so many different diseases of our body and Jesus heals us so go to Him each day.

The one that hurt me I eventually went up to and kissed on the cheek. That is how God worked in my life. It wasn’t me that did that but God got me to that place where it no longer would hurt me like it did in the past. Past be past, and move forward. Unforgiveness also keeps us unable to move forward.

Now there are deep deepest wounds in our souls and hearts from our childhood also and those He has to take from us too. I think He is doing that to me now. Things I don’t even remember because it was that painful.

A friend of mine who was a nurse said to me once “that this patient was incredibly nasty towards her, called her names, made fun of her body etc” and she killed him with kindness instead of getting mad. Within a couple of days his tune changed and he was nice to her. You see, he wanted to fight constantly and she didn’t let it in and he had no other choice but to change his attitude. So she won that war! 🙂 I worked in a hospital too and some were nasty but I started to feel sorry for them instead of letting them get to me. They obviously either learned that behavior in their homes or they have been very hurt so lash out at anyone about anything. It’s tough but it made my day go easier.

We can be free from all that ails us and yes, it is hard, and yes, it is a process. Many won’t let it go because it becomes their “identity” but then you gave up your identity and allowed Satan to be your identity and not who you truly are as a Child of God. Kick his butt to the curb and cancel out in the Name of Jesus the authority that he is claiming over your life by your words now and you will see it will help you. He will keep trying so cancel out the authority you have given him through your words, whether intentionally spoken or you don’t even realize how you said it. But this is the ammo he needs to go to the Father against you and accuse you. I just learned about this the other day that it is our words that satan uses to condemn us to the Father and then he is allowed to come and try us. That is when we are put in that headlock and He won’t let us go. Satan’s power against us is simply what we speak.

I hope this helps many.  I am reading that book An Altar of Love by Francis Santarose and I recommend you buy it. It has a lot of valuable information in it and you will overcome all this. 🙂 Oh for those who really cannot afford to buy the book it is free online I believe if you click on ebay, type in that book and then it says it somewhere on the right side. I was reading it at first on there before the book arrived here.

So don’t let satan steal your identity for you are a Child of God if you have sincerely repented before Him. You are no longer in enmity with God BUT the that book will help you immensely!

Much love to all of you. Ms. Sophie

I remember a dream that I had several months ago and in this short snippet of what I remembered I was crying, yelling at Yahushua (Jesus) hitting him on his chest and beating it and I was angry that the things that happened in my life were allowed and was “why? why? What did I do?” You know things like that. I don’t remember exactly all of what I truly said but it was along those lines, I was having a fit and He never said a word back to me and just let me do it. Then I woke up. Later I felt terrible for doing that to him and was repenting of it but I was hurt and angry for I didn’t understand why all these horrible things had to happen to me.

Later it dawned on me through revelation that what I went through will be used to help others. People seem to only relate and open up more around those that have had similar experiences and they see through the phoney baloney of those that went to school for it but never experienced any traumas or whatever it may be. Unless you have been through all the pain and loss you can’t truly empathize, sympathize or understand what the person might be going through that you are sent to help. So that is what I got out of it but boy oh boy, I don’t wish what I have had to go through on anyone else yet I also know there are many that had it far worse than I did here in America and in other countries too.


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  1. We ask our wonderful Heavenly Father to cover you in psalm 91… will pray His blessing of protection, restoration and endurance over you too.

    1. Thank you so very much. I ask because I do not have family members that are saved so they do not pray for me and they don’t understand this hard walk on the narrow road. So thank you very much. If you need prayer let me know but I do pray for all brothers and sisters for their protection and that they endure til the end.

  2. Dear precious one. May has been challenging and there certainly has a lot been going on the last week. Coordinated chaos is rising all over. Brother Kay’s “Consuming Fire for Fire Prayers” ($10,-) is extremely powerful: https://www.freshfireprayer.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7668041 Will send you a message through the contact link as well. We are getting there and getting through – we are on the right track. Stay blessed by the Most High and keep shining. Stay safe and shielded under the Blood of Jesus. Much love your way.


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