Prophetic Word: Day Of Recompense Dawns For America (Only A Grain Of Sand)

Prophetic Word: Day Of Recompense Dawns For America (Only A Grain Of Sand)

A Message For America

Only A Grain Of Sand

May 29, 2019

 Obadiah or Abdias Chapter 1 Verse 15
“For the day of the Lord is at hand upon all nations: as thou has done so shall it be done to thee: he will turn thy reward upon thy own head.”

 Dear Children the day of recompense dawns for America. As America goes, so shall the rest of the world. Venezuela is a signpost on the road to the fall of America. It will now come north to your shores. Justice will flourish, and all will be answered.

 In the shadow of My Hand will rest all My Children who are covered by the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus Christ. Those that are praying have softened, the blows, to come to your country. Still there will be grave days ahead. Do Not Stop Praying for all those who hate their God, who are far from their Only Hope, in the days to come. They Need your Help, your Intercession Now!

 Be aware that all your prayers are heard, if they are sincere, from the heart. Do not waste any more time on the world, the flesh, or your distractions. Spend your time with I AM, so you will be at peace when the Seven “Flying Rolls”, reach their mark on your soil. The names of the cities I AM has given, to many of My Watchmen & Watchwomen, for they are cities, where evil reigns, in your land America.

 Your Father God The Almighty

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