Trump Sending Ground Troops To Middle East…(World Hal Turner)

Trump Sending Ground Troops To Middle East…(World Hal Turner)

Trump Sending Ground Troops to Middle East; Iran General says their “Hand is on the trigger”

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At 11:15 this morning, the Pentagon gave reporters ONE HOUR notice to get to the Pentagon for a Briefing on the Iran situation.  Two top DoD Officials, who will speak:

1) OFF-CAMERA (Cannot be aired) AND;

2) ON BACKGROUND (Cannot be quoted)

Oh Boy, all this on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend!

This ought to be a real gem for info . . .

Details as I get them . . . .


President Trump agrees to send 3,000 additional US troops to the Middle East as Iran tensions simmer.

US military officials overseeing Middle East ops requested up to 13,000 additional troops, officials said. The 2,000 to 3,000 troops officials agreed to send are expected to be the first of what may be a larger deployment.

President Trump has also approved more Patriot missile defense batteries & reconnaissance aircraft, in addition to the ground troops.

Discussions under way for more to support submarines, planes, drones, and anti-missile batteries.

The Trump Administration is leaning toward using an existing rule that would expedite arms sales to allies in the Middle East by declaring an emergency. The move, which could be announced today, is part of the administration’s efforts to counter Iran.

Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei: “Iran youth will witness the demise of Israel and American civilization.” Israel and US civilization are doomed and will last no longer than one generation 

“Over the years, our forces have completely surrounded the Persian Gulf, so that they (the Americans) need our permission to move in this area,” Ali Fadavi, deputy commander of the IRGC

US special envoy to Iran: Iran must choose either to collapse its economy or negotiate.

Tehran’s Patience Over, Iranian Diplomat Tells Germany

Iran’s highest-ranking military official offered a stark warning after reports emerged that the U.S. is considering deploying 10,000 troops to the Middle East.

“The enemies should know that the Iranian military will not waste even a single moment monitoring the enemies’ schemes and adventurism,” said Chief of Staff to the Iranian Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Bagheri in a statement Thursday, according to Iran’s state-run news service.

Our hands are on the trigger and we are firmly prepared to annihilate any aggressor and greedy eyes against the Islamic Iran,” he said.


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