Prophetic Message: Your NATION Will NOT Survive APART From God (Ali Winters)

Prophetic Message: Your NATION Will NOT Survive APART From God (Ali Winters)

Your nation will not survive apart from God

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wide is the door, broad is the way which millions seek to find. Rejecting the good gospel they move further away from Truth while sitting Sunday after Sunday listening to the glorious gospel of self esteem, unity among religions and the adoration of man.

But times are hard, men’ heart are growing colder, lives are entangled with sin. Millions of unanswered questions fill the mind as man attempts to make sense of his surroundings. Why, how, when, questions with few answers. Man doesn’t want to hear “repent”. He refuses to listen to “turn from your wicked ways, seek God”. Man is wrapped, tightly bound with cords of contempt for all that is holy, righteous and good. His life of rebellion offers neither peace nor hope yet man is content and happily moves ahead with his plans for success.

The law of the land has infiltrated the church in America. Church’ have become breeding grounds for half-hearted christianity, weak warriors and failing faith. Offering no hope, no peace, no power, frustrations rise and hearts grow callous to the Word of God….rebellion follows. Once so alive and vibrant the church in America has become a harlot, spewing forth a false gospel, offering the trappings of the world hidden behind building programs and seminars teaching the goodness of man while ignoring the faithfulness of God. Prayer, intercession, petitions for leaders and citizens all have been dealt a lethal blow as the evils of corruption, bickering, contention and accusation march unchallenged and unafraid.

Your nation will not survive apart from God. Without His grace, His mercy all men are without hope in a hopeless world.

Watchman on the Wall Ali Winters
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