Prophetic Word: One Day Very Soon The Fiery Kick Off Event Will Happen (Juanita Godshall)

Prophetic Word: One Day Very Soon The Fiery Kick Off Event Will Happen (Juanita Godshall)

“One day very soon the fiery kick off event will happen.” – Juanita Godshall

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Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! You continue to mock my ways and my son. You do not listen to the warnings I have given over and over again. America you continue to believe the lie. You continue to slaughter the innocent. You continue to fatten yourselves in the days of slaughters. You continue to live in your evil desires. You do not know me. America you have forgotten your first love, instead you choose to live for your father Satan. This grieves my heart more than you can understand, for you are my creation and I do not want to see any parish. America you call what is good evil and what is evil good shame on you! I have blessed your nation beyond measure, more than any other nation and you spit in my face. You will find out very soon my judgments are upon you. I will bring you to your knees in one hour. Just like in the days of Noah, in the days of old. You will see I am the great I AM. I AM in control, not you not your president, not your elected officials but me the creator of all things. In all things I give life and I take life but you America and all your man made decisions kill life. You destroy all that I have created. You mock me. You no longer know me.

Why, oh why will you not repent and turn from your wicked ways. I am the only one who can heal your land who can restore all the enemy has taken. Your preachers teach false doctrines and lead my sheep astray. They will be hold doubly accountable for those for every soul that is lost because of their deception. How I long for you to call out to me and be saved. To repent of your wicked ways to choose eternal life with me your commander-in-chief. America you will be destroyed by fire by water by wind all the things that you try to control yourselves with your machines, which you have no right to do. All of this will come back on top of your heads for for creating things in man-made ways that should’ve never been. You now kill babies at your wIll this disgusts me!

One day very soon the fiery kick off event will happen. Then life as you know it’s will be changed in a blink of an eye. There will be gnashing of teeth. Men’s hearts will become faint of the things they will see. You have no idea what is coming to the earth because you will not listen to my watchmen! There is such a darkness around you America and you have no clue the enemy has circled you and is ready to pounce. The enemy will come into your land and take away all that you have, as part of judgment for what you have done. All that is written in Scripture will come to pass for my words are holy and true and never come back void. Wake up oh sleeper! Repent! Repent, so that you may be saved. You don’t have much more time. Less than any of you can imagine. Will you heed this warning or will you ignore it like you have others? There are many around you and the powers that be want to see you be destroyed America and it’s gonna happen when you least expect it. People will be saying peace and safety, America will be great again but I tell you that is a lie! For destruction will come upon you in the blink of an eye because you are not ready. You are spiritually blind, you are deaf and your hearts are turned to stone.

There are those who are mine who will go out and bring in the biggest harvest ever of souls to me your Lord and King Jesus. No one can stop them! For they will walk in my power and in my glory. I will go before them and I will be behind them no one can stop them my remnant. Get ready for the hour is close at hand. A mighty war rages now in heaven and on the earth. Arise and shine my mighty ones! Step out and be bold for I am with you. I will never leave you I will never forsake you. I love all who are mine. The sun will turn to darkness and moon will turn to blood in the great and powerful day of the Lord. I am coming back soon but will you be ready ??? Repent and come to me and be set free for when the Son sets you free you are free indeed.

I love you

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