Sleeper Cells; They Are ALL Around Us & Trump Warns Us (Marfoogle News)

Sleeper Cells; They Are ALL Around Us & Trump Warns Us (Marfoogle News)

Sleeper cells (terrorists brought in since Obama’s term and recently). 80 pilots went AWOL (just disappeared) reports the Pentagon. Sounds fishy to me and more like trained jihadists taken to places of safety until they call them forth very soon. Be careful folks. Time to pay attention. Get out of these areas on the map

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Y’all really wanna know what’s next? They’re going to devalue the sanctity of everything holy- marriage, family, nationalism, right in your face. then when Americans are ok with socialist ideology they’ll take the last of our rights by stripping us of our humanity and branding us “Beasts”. Think it’s a joke, y’all better wake up. Get right with your creator
Finally found you thanks for the information. I like the way you put it together. I see marfoogle I had a map showing the terrorist cells in the US. This confirms what I’ve been trying to say four months oh, look at the border, 60 miles from it bigal kayda cell.. in my city. Being a Navy brat, I’ve lived all over. There is something wrong here, there are a lot of things wrong here. I mean should I even take my dog for a walk anymore? Someone sicked their dog on us the other day..were 2 black cars, with black windows, illegally smoked..on each side of the street, watching the whole thing. Planned..parked by high wooden fences on both sides. I refuse to act scared..I sat next to one and smoked a cig,to calm finally pulled away, then stood in front of the other..back away..until it pulled off. When our president says “Be Careful”, how do we do that? I’m practically a shut in already. God bless


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