4 Replies to “Illuminist Terror Targets, Days Of Darkness, Mystic Madness With Mike & Joanie”

  1. Joanie and Mike are critical of the three days of darkness in this video because of Catholic false prophecies about this topic, but the Lord confirmed to me that it is legitimate. Just as the Israelites in Egypt experienced three days of darkness before God’s deliverance through the Red Sea, so the end-times saints will experience three days of darkness before the gathering of the elect.

    Just because Satan is speaking on a topic in order to confuse doesn’t mean the topic itself is illegitimate.

    1. okay thank you Mike. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it and if that is so, I will take it off. Do you know about what minute mark they were saying that?

      1. Hi Ms Sophie, it’s around the 22:00 mark. I think they haven’t gotten the memo yet, so their knee-jerk reaction is to be suspicious. That’s all.


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