Great Teaching & Prayers That Rout Demons (John Eckhardt)

Great Teaching & Prayers That Rout Demons (John Eckhardt)

I was led to this the other night by the Holy Spirit and I went and bought the book on ebay for $11.00 and it’s worth having it. It has prayers to help with all blockages and bondages and also how to fight the enemy. I recommend listening and then even buying the book to keep because this is how one learns to war against the evil powers that right now are winning over the Christians because most of the Pastors and preachers have not taught people how to war in the spirit against the enemy through using the authority and power given to us all once we are saved.

Not saying all Pastors/co-Pastors are like this but I can tell from talking to people they really have no idea how to win the battle and this will help you. Remember that one must repent before going into battle against the enemy/don’t engage the enemy without repenting.

You must have a real desire to let the Holy Spirit rid you of your fleshy weaknesses. Yes it is a struggle but He will get you through it if you do your part.

Prayer is how you release God’s will in your life and then He can help you on how to pray correctly (John Eckhardt)

Prayers That Rout Demons by John Eckhardt [Paperback]


go to ebay and it is on there to purchase

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