Important Word: Christians Bound To Witchcraft, Belief (Joni Bonnette)

Important Word: Christians Bound To Witchcraft, Belief (Joni Bonnette)

Many are bound in witchcraft and don’t realize it.

Yes I agree with this and the Lord had shown me long ago. I had to get rid of certain pictures, even clothing with designs on them and if you are wearing or buying anything with skeletons on it, GET RID OF IT. I see babies and little ones with these clothes on them and you are putting demons into your children and grandchildren. Renounce these things. Don’t go to head shops, don’t buy amulets, crystals, incense etc.

Get rid of those globes people put in their backyards, wind chimes bring in demons (yes it is true) and get rid of statues like buddhas and things like this; get rid of all statues. Get rid of all violent, sci fi dvds and secular music (much of it is cursed). Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on all this but you must clean your house out. I no longer have any of that and had to even get rid of clothes and certain jewelry. Some antique furniture has to go also. I have hardly anything I used to own. Be careful what you buy.

Just snatched off my Alex and Ani bracelets because I’m not sure about them….I have love charms but they do sell mystic stuff and I’m not chancing it!
@Kurly_keto As soon as I read your comment I remembered reading a story from last year. The vatican had Katy Perry there to discuss meditation & Alex & Ani had a meditating eye bracelet for the event. I will link a story from the time & I will put another link to their site which has it available to the general public. Look around their site they have a lot of new age items/symbolism. I have been paying attention more & more since a family member had discussed intention of the person making jewelry with me. She is pagan & I didn’t have the spiritual eyes to see things at that time but now I do. If you check into it many of the jewelry makers are witches/pagan/occult practitioners, the proof is in the symbolism they use. If you do get anything in the future which doesn’t have any obvious symbolism, plead the Blood over all of it before using it. This link if you scroll down you will see the official bangle. This is the one they are selling to the public.
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