It’s the struggles that strengthen you in life. When you are weak He is strong! I was told by the Holy Spirit that all I went through was to build me up to whom I am now; to be the warrior He was raising me to be. In other words (mine) what didn’t kill me made me stronger showing me I had to fight to survive and not quit. From what I see coming now I think He was preparing me all those years to get through these times ahead of us also.

God has His purposes for all we are to go through in life and you are worth more to Him than you realize and there is so much more to this than we even know. Many things we don’t understand but I truly believe that during the time coming up of miracles/healings many of those afflicted will be healed and there will be much joy during the times of despair. So your life is not in vain and there is a beautiful kingdom coming!!!

If you become afflicted does not mean you are doing anything wrong and in deep sin but that you might very well be doing everything right and you are under a test or to learn compassion for others, faith or whatever it is. God has his reasons and all we go through He is working it towards our good in the end so hang in there.

Sometimes it is bring our families together so they will be saved as they watch you go through your afflictions. One 8 yr old once said in a story I read that Yahushua (Jesus) told her that her mission was done and she would be going home to him and her mission was that her cancer brought her family members together and it stopped them from fighting all the time and brought them to salvation knowing how fragile life is. So you never know right?

God has a way of keeping us Humble. Thank You Jesus Amen
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