URGENT Details on Three Days and Nights of Darkness (Linda Courtney)

URGENT Details on Three Days and Nights of Darkness (Linda Courtney)

Please watch this; I was just led to this and never heard of her before but you must listen to it. Get ready!

Okay this is NOT the end of the world so don’t think that. It will get light again after this.

Thank you sister Linda for being obedient to share Yahuwah’s message to the Church and the world. Walmart has 100 tea lights for $4, and you can also make a homemade candle using a can of Crisco, that lasts for 72 HOURS, I believe. Please pray for my family and friends salvation and for my walk with Yahushua, that I may be transformed into the Bride of Christ worthy of the Marriage supper of the Lamb, and eternal life. I pray that Yahuwah will bless, lead, keep, teach, protect, and transform all my brothers and sisters into the Bride of Christ, as we seek Yahuwah with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind, and trample the lion and adder underfoot. In the precious and Holy name of Yahushua, I pray. Amen and amen.
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2 Replies to “URGENT Details on Three Days and Nights of Darkness (Linda Courtney)”

    1. I am not trying to offend you but it is forbidden by God the Father to pray to Jesus’s Mother or to go to any sites that are of mysticism. She was only a human like you and I. She didn’t die for our sins. He did.
      I will not post that because I was Catholic and I know all about the church of Catholicism.
      Please just go and pray to God by yourself and not to any statues (these are idols and forbidden to pray to). Mystica means “mysticism” and that is not of God.
      Please repent and renounce this and ask forgiveness directly to the Father and accept Jesus as Lord & Savior. I did it and He opened my eyes to the truths of these things, like you just sent me. He will forgive you if you just go to Him and no one else.
      I will pray for you Patrick.
      I say this all in love and not offense. Please watch this video below and I pray it opens your eyes and helps you.
      2nd commandment No Other Gods

      Today, the idea of idol worship feels ancient and remote to many people. Thus, the Second Commandment, “You shall have no other gods,” doesn’t seem applicable in modern society. But the opposite is true. We have more false gods than ever — art, education, fame, money, to name just a few. Over the past century the worship of false gods has led to massive evil; Communism and Nazism are just two examples. On a personal level, the worship of false gods leads to unhappiness.

      Exodus 34:14 – For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name [is] Jealous, [is] a jealous God:

      1 Corinthians 10:14 – Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.


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