Prophetic Warning: East Coast And West Coast Tsunamis & Floodings (Latterrain333)

Prophetic Warning: East Coast And West Coast Tsunamis & Floodings (Latterrain333)


On March 21st, 2019, I received this message while praying:

“Do not be shaken by all the things that are coming, but remain faithful and steadfast, grounded firmly upon the ROCK OF SALVATION.

All is about to unfold, as the prophecies come forth. Marvel at their fulfillment! Stand back and watch and be amazed at the accuracy of MY WORD.

SHAKING….a great shaking is coming. It will rock the world with its repercussions. Warn those to move off the coasts for they will flood. Tsunamis will come and wipe places clear. I urge MY children to seek ME on this, so you do not get caught in the destruction!

Seek ME now on where you are to be and where you should go. I will hide MY Own under the shelter when the times come.

I will shake everything clean! What is left will be of ME. The slate will be wiped clean. Only a remnant will remain.

The warnings go out, prepare your soul and strengthen your spirit! Confess your sins on a daily basis, leaving nothing unconfessed. Stay PURE and HOLY as I AM. Curse the ways of the flesh, and walk in the ways of the good SPIRIT.

Let love, joy, peace, faithfulness guide your steps. Continue to walk in a manner that is worthy of ME. Be MY disciples, and hear MY voice.

The dark night comes, but you will be the shining light in this darkness. Therefore let MY light shine through you always.

Be the salt and preserve righteousness, truth and justice. Do not shrink back, but standup for what is right!

Do not deny ME, and I will not deny your before MY FATHER!

The curtain is closing and final act will commence. It will be a play that has never been seen before, for the time draws near for the antichrist to be revealed.

You will see things that you have never seen before! BEHOLD, I will be with you!

Stay focused on ME now, MY dear children! The end comes swiftly!

Come to ME now, all who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Learn MY ways and you will have peace.

Claim victory in ME now and make the enemy scatter sevenfold!

You will start to see some supernatural things happen. Be prepared for it and look for it. As the enemy come in, and is way visible now, so I will show MYSELF and MY POWER!

MY lovely Bride, you are now being prepared for the SUPPER OF THE LAMB!

REJOICE, for it comes!

Your adoring SAVIOR, JESUS”

HEBREW 12:26-29

“At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”

The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,

for our “God is a consuming fire.”

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2 Replies to “Prophetic Warning: East Coast And West Coast Tsunamis & Floodings (Latterrain333)”

  1. At 7 minute and 10 second mark. When “THE” anti christ is revealed! As Bette Stevens and Mena Lee Grebin and a “FEW” other real prophets have stated, things are”NOT” going to happen as many think!!! The United States and it’s leaders and politicians were “NEVER” part of the Roman Empire. You have to disregard a lot of scriptures and reality to believe that “THE REAL AC” come from the U.S. I have heard some prophets that have revealed the source of the “REAL AC” and yet they do not realize it. Nothing is revealed unless THE GODHEAD wants it revealed via THE HOLY SPIRIT/JESUS!!! When JESUS said his will, will be done. That means his timing. There is a reason the “REAL AC” is kept secret until the start of the 1260 days. We haven’t even reached the GREAT FALLING AWAY yet. You all will be amazed if you are one of the few who make it that far, past the beginning of sorrows to the tribulation when “THE REAL AC” is revealed. He is one of the 10 and he will receive his SEVERE fatal head wound and his ressurection at the beginning of the 1260/90 days. There are a very few, probably less than 10 who know the reality of the ac. My neighbor is an ac and there are many millions of them, not “THE ONE” Ignore the scriptures all you want, where do you draw the line with what you believe and what don’t you believe. Prophecies are the answer to Amos 3:7 if they are true and from THE THRONE ROOM!!! If you dare print this, search ALL the scriptures and you will find out that any prophecy given will NEVER contradict ANY scripture. Who are you really hearing from or are you simply adding what you think was meant when you were given a dream/vision and you needed to fill in the blanks. Mena Lee Grebin in her latest vision/dream was prompted to advise we followers to search out Revelation 13. Take her advise from THE LORD and see if the understanding is granted you also. The U.S. was and never will be part of THE ROMAN EMPIRE that ‘THE AC MUST COME FROM IN HIS APPOINTED TIME, PERIOD!!! Do not be fooled as the very elect could be. Be as the child. I do know why the ac is hidden and why he must be hidden until his time appointed. When something is hidden for a reason, don’t try and fill in the blanks with your own “THUS SAYITH THE LORD” insights. Everyone knew for certaion that Hitler “WAS THE AC”. What happened to them? Same thing with many past tyrants and despots. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE EVIL, so do you. Are they the ac, NO! Enough said. THANK YOU FOR YOU PRECIOUS LORD JESUS!!! One day soon I will offend YOU no longer. John Hancock

    1. hi, I am Ms. Sophie and have no idea what you are talking about concerning latterrain333’s word she received. She is talking about tsunamis and you are talking about something way out there. Those the Lord chose to tell know who the A/C is. jeff from Whistleblower knows, linda hasche knows, I know, back to your first love knows, Julie knows, Kerry Ann Gidden knows.
      and so many more. You must have read Jeff’s word today and are on a tangent about “thus saith the Lord” ??? I don’t know. Just trying to figure out where you are coming from with all this. Please explain because you lost me since this word she got is not talking about the Roman empire and all of that.

      When she mentions that the Lord said the a/c will be revealed is not referring to who it is but that He is about to take center stage. Most know who it is by now.


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