Billy Graham 2018 – The Speech That Broke The Internet – Most Inspiring Ever

Billy Graham 2018 – The Speech That Broke The Internet – Most Inspiring Ever

friends, time is really that short to get right with God and admit we are sinners and need him as our King to Save us. There is NO OTHER WAY. When it all starts, it will be so chaotic so right now is the time to do this and REPENT. Do it while you can now. Please, I urge those that haven’t and those that think a one time I am sorry does it while they are willingly sinning is NOT going to get you into the kingdom. Come back before it’s too late for you.


And a testimony by an atheist for those who don’t believe in God:

I was an atheist my whole life through surviving cancer, getting married, and having a son. I thought I had everything figured out and that I was my own moral authority. I survived cancer without God, why would I need him for anything else? I didn’t realize that God had been the only reason I survived. I didn’t realize that the anxiety and depression the Enemy placed in my mind after surviving would be worse than cancer itself. At my lowest point of depression, wanting to kill myself 2years after beating cancer, God saved me again. Fortunately, I recognized him this time. If you’re an atheist, I relate to you. I know you think you have every logical answer to moral quandaries. But the unfortunate truth is that you will face a time where no logic can help you. I don’t wish for this; I only know that tragedy comes for everyone. I couldn’t think my way out of depression; only God could save me. When you face your tragic time in life, please listen for God. Look for him in the same places where you found inspiration in your secular life, and you will realize that inspiration was always divine. I love you.
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