Sacrificial Month Of March: Watch-FALSE FLAG New Zealand Mosque Shooting (EXPOSED) Must Watch!

Sacrificial Month Of March: Watch-FALSE FLAG New Zealand Mosque Shooting (EXPOSED) Must Watch!

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter struggle to remove mosque shooting video

Look here below: they scrubbed this off as fast as possible and why is that? It was pages and pages long and I have a feeling it had information on it about who is really behind it with him or them.

The shooter in ChristChurch NZ put this out before he attacked…

Pay attention to the occultic calendar on months/dates when they MUST sacrifice humans to satan. yes, sounds crazy but it’s what they do…

Let’s connect the hospital “St. Johns”….Off with the head…..The world is a stage and “smoke and mirrors“… Might as well believe in the moon landing as well…Why?? Because you see it on TV……….And it was 3/14 “pie day” circles of life” come on man try harder….
Dont forget it’s in Christchurch…that part is very important.
False flag doesn’t mean that people didn’t die…it means that the incident was planned beforehand. Therefore, it absolutely was a false flag.
Christ Church – CC = 33 definitely a satanic ritual from the powers that shouldn’t be..
There was an Israeli attack to Gaza right before / during this New Zealand mosque attack! Smoke curtains and ritualistic sacrifices..
a Friend of mine sent this to me:

Earlier today I was watching John Oliver (a News comedian) and it was a show from last August.

 He just happened to be talking about intolerant Australian politicians who are islamaphobic and homophobic. Hate those terms.

 Anyway, there’s this politician named Brian Katter who is supposedly very hateful and intolerant. Allegedly, there is a nazi-like mentality in Australia and white supremacist groups.

 Don’t be surprised if they paint this guy as an intolerant, white supremacist, fascist Christian. 

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