His Testimony: Died And Went Straight To Hell!-Listen!!!

His Testimony: Died And Went Straight To Hell!-Listen!!!

For anyone who needs salvation and is not sure how to pray or anyone who hasn’t repented in years even:

First you need to confess with you mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is the son of God, He died on the cross for the sins of the World, rose on the third day, ascended to heaven and is now sitting on the right hand of God the Father. You need to repent of all your sins and wrong doings in the name of Jesus and get baptized. Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit…Now you need to pray to God daily, read the Word, worship the Father and just talk with God daily and repent daily and thank God and praise Him daily…have regular talks with the Lord daily. Spread Gods love to others

So much for ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED. So foolish for people to believe they can forget God and live like a heathen and it will have no consequence when SO MANY Scriptures say otherwise. Jesus wants us to have a RELATIONSHIP with Him not a one time commitment and forget it. How many times does He call out to those who KNOW His voice beckoning them to COME BACK! I know He NEVER gives up on us, EVER! Thank Jesus for His everlasting MERCY!
John QPublic I must confess, I agree with you. There are so many scriptures that clearly let us know that salvation can be lost and destroyed which puts the soul at risk of eternal damnation rather than eternal life with God. The supporters of OSAS do so passionately and act as though if you don’t believe or support OSAS then your committing sacrilege or blasphemy. What’s the harm in believing in a daily walk with our Lord?!?! At least I know I will end up in heaven. They on the other hand run a risk of hell because they THINK their original salvation gives them a free pass at sin and hell. Thanks for watching and believing! GBY
I really like the way you put that when you asked “What’s the harm in believing in a daily walk with our Lord?” and it really hits home to me the spiritually dark influence behind, IMO, so many of the OSAS movement. I too have observed the “outrage” of certain people who adhere to OSAS when you question the validity of those beliefs and compare them to Scripture like we as Christians are told to do. I find it interesting that so many times I am met with utter vehemency for suggesting that God WANTS ALL OF US not a part-time, part of the way believer. I will be the first to confess that I am NOT perfect- far from it in fact, but I WANT to be and I believe that God wants me to strive for perfection and work towards it and allow Him to make happen what I cannot. I KNOW that He does NOT want me to just confess my belief and forget everything else and walk around “defeated” (which, to me, is the ideology they teach- I think it’s more fitting than calling it OSAS) because when you start to believe that it allows for all other type of error to creep in as well and for an attitude of defeatism, i.e. I’m saved no matter what and no one is perfect so it doesn’t matter if I try or not. The REALITY that I see and READ from Scripture is that the author of such a erroneous attitude is NOT God but rather, the Devil himself! Who else would try to make a case against, as you so eloquently put it, a daily walk with our Lord? Such an activity is DANGEROUS to the opposition and so it is no wonder to me why Satan opposes those who would speak the truth and WALK it at the same time! Those are the type that TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN and the type I want to be and who will shake the very foundation of Hell by their mere presence! I hope and pray that all of us who know the mercy, love, and truth of Jesus stand up for the immense GIFT we have been given and shout the Truth from the rooftops. Once I realized the REAL & TRUE ETERNAL LOVE Jesus has for ME the motivation and DESIRE to share it has never left and I pray He will never allow me to forget (although I don’t believe I could because it’s the best love I have ever known!). Walking with Jesus every day is not a burden, it is a GIFT. It is a hard road a lot of the time and full of adversity and trials BUT I KNOW that He is always with me, LOVES ME, and will NEVER leave my side or forsake me! Now that is REAL and I am so glad to have received the knowledge of His love! In any case, enough of my rambling, just wanted to comment further on the way you put that question which I really think is a great way to put it! God bless you and keep you brother! Stay strong and keep up the good fight!


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