Could It Be? Antichrist To Be Revealed On Purim? March 19 to 322! (Truth Searcher)

Could It Be? Antichrist To Be Revealed On Purim? March 19 to 322! (Truth Searcher)

Two well known Rabbis have been telling people to leave America and predicting the Messiah to be revealed on the upcoming Purim holiday! To me their predictions mean that the Antichrist is to be revealed on Purim? March 19 to 322!

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Something is definitely going on I live in Arkansas and I have seen at least 60 cargo planes go over in one day. They’re planning something
The secret coin is a trap don’t fall for it, And also the globalist has agenda 2021 in motion and for their plans with the georgia guide stones and their commandments… i’m thinking it’s possible on march 19th to the 22 and it falls on the 3rd day counting from the there is the 322 date…. lets keep are eyes and ears open next week what they have planned and what will be shown to the people of the world and this next last blood moon around march 19th or 20th is another sign in the heavens that it speaks of in the bible… and the next solar sun eclipse that acrosses america in 2024 thats when the sun darkening that it speaks of in the bible also….. i been through this in my own mind many many times the year 2023 is the number 322 back words not counting the 0 which ties in with agenda 2021 and the great tribulation and i counted 2019 to 2023 which is 3 years so it looks like from this video we are in the timeline of the antichrist…. and rule for 3 in a half years which is 42 months which will be 2019 to 2023 is 3 years and half of the year of 2024 adds up to 42 months perhaps that next solar eclipse in 2024 will be when are father who art in heaven comes and takes his kingdom back from the ruler of darkness from God’s world…
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