4 Replies to “TESTIMONY: Everything Was Interconnected – Near Death Experience – Bill English”

    1. Does God not save them or would he not give one a near death experience? I don’t think he is one any longer though but God has given Muslims and people of all faiths
      near death experiences. I had one before I even became a Christian and repented.

      1. There are many excellent NDE on you tube by Christians. Richard Sigmund’s 5 hour testimony comes to mind, (“The Throne In Heaven & Revival”) He tells of “a seven fold tidal wave, the last great move of God breaking on the shores of eternity.” Reminds me of the Seven Fold Miracle Crusade Stan Johnson has organized for April 19-22 in Dallas Fort Worth. On 8-8-15 Stan heard an audible voice say, “The time of miracles is here. As judgment hits so will My miracles.”

        1. well that is good too but why are you against anyone who is not yet a Christian or of another faith who received a NDE is what I was wondering? I have posted videos like this by Christians last year.


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