Prophetic Word: The Truth About Trump (Ruth Smith)

Prophetic Word: The Truth About Trump (Ruth Smith)

The Truth About Trump – Ruth Smith

Mar 11, 2019, 5:33 AM

In February of this year, I have been seeking the Lord for the truth of Trump for days, because there are two voices in this world, one says he is the Cyrus who the Lord God has set, one says he used Christians to sit on the throne of the president. I have prayed for Trump to be elected. After he won the election, I have prayed for him that he could lead American people to repent, to return to the Lord God, the Most High, the Holiest, the Almighty God of Israel just as the king of Nineveh. But I need to know the truth about Trump from my Lord God directly. Finally, the Lord said to me:

“Trump is the one to prepare the way for the antichrist, just as John the baptist prepared the way for me.

He is the one who I have allowed to be in the office, but he doesn’t belong to me, his heart is not with me.

Many, many people have been deceived by him, even my very elected ones. People are worshiping him more and more like a god, they believe he is the Cyrus, he is doing my Will, they believe he will make the Unite States great again.

Only I, the Lord of all, the Creator of the whole universe can make a country great. There is no other god beside Me.

Very soon, Trump will be removed, the antichrist, Obama, will return to power. More and more people are missing Obama because of Trump. This laid the groundwork for the return of antichrist Obama and the total, utter destruction of the United States eventually.”

Original Chinese Version:关于特朗普的真相-ruth-smith/


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