VERY IMPORTANT WORD/PLEASE LISTEN: Do You Hear The Thunder Now? (Behold I Come)

VERY IMPORTANT WORD/PLEASE LISTEN: Do You Hear The Thunder Now? (Behold I Come)

Do you understand how late the hour is, and that at any moment, Father will take to Himself His first-fruits remnant, and those who are left will remain to face the Great Tribulation. He is calling all those who have not yet chosen Him to come out of the world and pick up His or Her cross and follow Him. The time is now! We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make a choice for Yahushua. No choice is a choice for the enemy. Father loves you with all of His heart but you must choose Him..

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2 Replies to “VERY IMPORTANT WORD/PLEASE LISTEN: Do You Hear The Thunder Now? (Behold I Come)”

  1. So you are one of the Pre Trib rapture believers? A doctrine created by Jesuits as part of the Counter Reformation???
    .. Why should fat lazy smugly content people in the West be beamed away from suffering torture and death, when little KIDS in other countries are being beheaded RIGHT NOW? and Christians are being burned alive in cages??? Shame on you!!

    1. She is not a pre trib rapture person. I don’t know where you get that from in Her message. There are 3 harvests coming and the firstfruits are gathered, but they return because they are the strongest of God’s Army and will have The Holy Spirit power flowing through them. (not like this power you see now). I know she is a warrior and not of pre trib whatsoever. Please listen to message again because I can see you have misunderstood much of it. God Bless You


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