PizzaGate Episode 4 The Jesuit Ninth Circle Society Satanic Child Sacrifice

PizzaGate Episode 4 The Jesuit Ninth Circle Society Satanic Child Sacrifice

History of it, their beliefs, Documentaries, testimonies and more. Satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice of children, worldwide epidemic spanning centuries.

Psychopaths are taking over and multiplying like an army through the act of abusing children; creating more and more. We NEED to end this NOW!!!

Thank you for bringing the horrible truth, to light..Tho hitler was evil, the evil is far worse and evil, within the U.S.!! How dark can their darkness be(?)VERY,VERY dark, LONG, DEEP AND WIDE , is that stagnant swamp of child torturerers, molesters & killers… :/Safe to say, the evils began with Cain(Adam&Eve’s son,who killed his innocent brother Abel),and whose Pattern of sacrifice/killing, has been perpetuated generation after generation of sacrificing… All those years and years of child sacrificing have been occurring according to Cain’s father (Satan’s),continued plan. WOW!! How am I the only one who “thumbed upped,” this video&commented(?)…REALLY(??)..Just to be on the safe side(and successfully share this truth containing video), I’m forwarding it to all my family(&friends).SOOOO SICK, are these generational murderers and pedophiles(MEN AND WOMEN), who go along with child abuse&sacrifice..may God damn their souls into the eternal lake of fire,to suffer 1,000(+) yrs (minimum),, for every child they killed !! :/ :/ :/.
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