Prophetic Message: The Spiritual You (John Patmos)

Prophetic Message: The Spiritual You (John Patmos)


Good day! This Word is ready to go tomorrow 2/21/2019. Many Thanks and blessings!

02-20-2019 Word from: The Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.”

7:01 p.m.


“Have you had enough of dishonest politicians, doctors, lawyers, people who do your maintenance, and any other person who is compensated in money?

The lure of money can be so strong, that an otherwise good person will compromise their most foundational principles, in order to accumulate more of it. My Word speaks volumes about this subject, and in some instances it is called ‘filthy lucre’.

This is the material aspect of your human life, and God wants for you to learn to balance your need for the material with the spiritual. The material pulls you strongly, because you are a physical being, but you are also a Spirit Being. Now, which of these would you say is the most important to reverence…? Yes, the spiritual, because it is eternal.

Have you considered that God has no body, and that He is a Spirit? Do you want to be more like your God? Then, focus on your spiritual development, and not so much on your material development. If you have a healthy balance between the two, the Lord will bless you in both the material and the spiritual.

Ask any successful, devoted Christian, as to whether they will testify to this principle. You will find that all feedback will be the same, and with many, the material blessing strengthened the faith, so that the spiritual became stronger; yet, you will find many who experienced blessing in reverse of this.

I will tell you that this is largely a matter of Trust; Trust in the Lord and His Word. One cannot rise in the spiritual without trust; because you cannot see it, touch it, hear it, or smell it; so the Lord leaves you, in your humanness, to trust in blind faith that His Word and His promises are True. He designed you this way. The Lord says, ‘Come to Me’ and this is the way that We Choose our destiny. God is not a cruel demander of your trust, faith, and love; it is all up to you, and he leaves all of you with the capabilities of accomplishing this; but on your terms.

When you learn that, ‘your terms’ and ‘God’s terms’ align, then you have the Secret of Salvation.

Rise is the spirit children and you will see wonders….. Just for you.

The Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.”

—John Patmos


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