Prophetic Word: They That (Cornell D’Angelo)

Prophetic Word: They That (Cornell D’Angelo)

THEY THAT – Cornell d’Angelo

I am writing this for all those that are victims of attack by brothers and sisters supposedly believing to be Led and In Christ…Those that Do NOT walk upon the Narrow Path Following Christ while acting as though they do. Those that have not picked up their crosses to go The Full Distance of The Death Of Their Flesh that can slip in, take over their vessels to suddenly serve the prince of this world…that quickly become Wolves in sheep’s clothing with great, false spiritual pride.

I am dismayed, sad and very disturbed by how vicious people that claim to be In Christ can be towards one another.

I am disappointed by the words and in the actions that people I had come to respect, that have influence over many people that follow them engage in… out in the open along with silently, very deviously in the background. This is a very serious warning!

Please take time to ponder this and make wise decisions about who you allow to be close to you. Remember that only God knows the hearts of man…Seek Him For Counsel And Guidance In All Things!

Beware lest you be deceived by…

They that speak of the Love of Christ one moment and then viscously tear into other brothers, other sisters that are Truly In Christ!!!

They that can write one moment with great insight and knowledge in and of Christ with humility, then in the next moment proclaiming their greatness in subtle ways… demonstrating their knowledge is unquestionable because of the time they have been with the Lord. Too proud in their lapses, their deceits they build monuments to themselves in their own minds. The problem is that they have amassed a flock of loyal followers that have made idols out of them such that they can do no wrong! Anyone that questions or presents a different insight is fair game to the self-righteous attack of the man or woman of god together with the blind followers that have not properly, spiritually discerned the darkness in their midst.

They that abuse and use the Word Of God to say “Do not touch God’s Anointed” to justify the false anointing of satan they are given over to by God due to their insolence. Oh, how the high and mighty fall so quickly…unwilling and unable to own the working of the dark, undelivered work of their hearts!

The Lord

” Such As These Are The Worst Abusers Of My Grace. They dare to believe that they have earned My Favor which they Have NOT but act as though they do” !

They that make sport of tearing others down…
individually and collectively.

They that, more often than not, are actually secretly jealous of others that might actually hear from God, that they out of their own insecurity fear others as competition to their own greatness!

They that will pray for you, with you one moment then in their flesh tear into the soul and spirit of God’s children…

Talk about
Woe unto them, I Say WOE!

They that are as Wolves and like Sharks!

They that are Wolves that band up together into packs to hunt down and devour our brothers and sisters in Christ acting as though they be agents, warriors and defenders of the Faith!

They that are Wolf Pack Leaders that reap havoc, that enlist others to come in with them to destroy whoever they disagree with, despise or hate.

They that are Sharks that lure believers and leaders into the fellow Shark infested stormy sea where they come in to kill and devour.

They that are FALSE
influence peddlers that sow discord.

They that live in and foster
Spiritual Satire.

They that live in and lead others
into their world of Spiritual Soap Operas!

They that are not willing to humble themselves or repent of their rotten fruit to receive forgiveness…even Less Willing to apologize to the innocent they lay into to…to humbly ask for their victim’s forgiveness or their many, many victims!

They that believe that they are free in Christ but have not been completely delivered, that remain a work in process claiming complete enough to act out as they please.

They that appoint themselves as judge and jury…condemning and convicting children of God. They forget that we have an Advocate In Christ that knows the true story and will deal with them accordingly. Rest assured that those who judge in such ways will be JUDGED HARSHLY By God Himself!

They that mis-represent Christ who in pride have lost their reverence and fear of God that will visit them with Recompense!

They that trample upon the sanctity of the lives of others without inquiring or knowing anything about the walk they have had with the Lord…They that have no idea about the what those they attack have been through, not knowing the enemy’s gauntlet of abuse including the SRA(satanic ritual abuse) they may have gone through…those who have seen the worst of the worst and rely on the Lord For ALL their needs. Those who The Lord has brought through deep, deep seemingly never-ending Deliverance. These are too often the wounded sheep that they blindly go after with no love, respect or compassion…WOW…


They that still reside under the false dominion of satan Yet daring to believe they have been delivered Under The Full, True Dominion Of Christ…which a deception from the pit of hell to the spiritually blind…Yes even to the Elect!

They that appear to be Ambassadors Of Christ that are not, may have been or never were…They just appoint themselves!

They that are like worms burrowing into the legitimate, important end-time ministries to slowly destroy their foundation in Christ…to turn them into questionable useless entities in the sight of others that they are to bring The Light Of The Lampstand to.

They that replace the Light Of Christ, Of The Lampstand with false light and false fire serving their father satan.

They that claim to be Prophets Of God that are False Prophets and Dark To The Core that infiltrate into the hearts and minds of those in social media.

They that are False Prophets that connect with Real Prophets of God that are blinded by their seemingly accurate Words that agree with their own…when they simply parrot what others say in order to gain trust of the Elect Of God in order to deceive them, to spiritually infiltrate their space with their darkness that is well hidden. Sadly those that are normally wise fall victim to the allure of Jezebel speaking encouraging words to them slipping right passed their spiritual discernment right into their inner courts.

They that are living portals of lies and deceptions cloaking themselves as people worthy of our trust, that then become trusted advisers to converse with in important matters. Run from such as these because they have NO WISE COUNSEL!


I have tried to warn a number of friends and as many as I can how the enemy uses such as these as willing, often unwilling and unknowing agents and infiltrators of the dark side.

I have tried to warn a number of friends and as many as I can how the enemy uses such as these as willing, often unwilling and unknowing agents and infiltrators of the dark side
I know many of these people personally. I also see through the Eyes Of The Lord those I do not know personally that act in these ways. I know that they lack deliverance, that they are insecure, proud and sadly unwilling to own their blatant sins…unwilling to humbly REPENT…Unwilling To Change their ways that ARE NOT THE WAYS OF JESUS CHRIST, THE KING OF KINGS, NOT OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN AND CERTAINLY NOT OF THE KINGDOM THAT IS COMING!!!!

ALL Will Be Judged!
ALL People, Nations Will Bow!
ALL Will Answer To The Lord Our God!

The hour is late. There is no time for distraction or being led off the narrow path following Christ on to the broad path by those that will join the misled in the lake of fire.

Take HEED…


Watch Out With
Spiritual Eyes WIDE OPEN…


February 18, 2019

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