Prophetic Word: The Holy Spirit Within You (John Patmos)

Prophetic Word: The Holy Spirit Within You (John Patmos)


02-19-2019 Word from The FATHER

6:58 p.m.


“To all who are blessed by Grace, I commend you. You have been given Grace, not because it is earned, but because I know that it will not fall on ‘stony ground’ and not grow. Live in a state of righteousness and you will see Grace Abound. Then, as you grow in the Spirit, you will see yet more Grace, and you will grow rapidly in Wisdom and Truth.

Grace, many times is carried by the Holy Spirit, and this defines His Presence. He is Wisdom… He is Truth…He is Comfort… He is Love…He is an Encourager; and He will dwell with you, if not offended by unrighteousness.

All people who are blessed by The Holy Spirit will be counted, when Christ comes to take His people home. This is the first thing that He will look for; the Light of the Holy Spirit shining forth within the hearts of men. If this light is not present, the person is passed over. So you see that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in you is vital; and to keep from grieving the Holy Spirit is critical; for if the Holy Spirit is grieved so, that He abandons you, there is no hope of salvation, or to be taken by your Savior in the last days.

Then, the wise person will ask, how can I be sure, that I have not grieved the Holy Spirit? The wise person will kneel and pray about the issue, and the wise person will study The Word for additional light on the subject. The Holy Spirit wants to be a part of you, and dwell permanently in you, and only you can cause this relationship to fail.

You will not receive wisdom of the world from the Holy Spirit, but a much higher level of wisdom that applies to all ages and realms. The secrets that will be revealed to you are like precious gems that you can hold and treasure, and they cannot be taken away.

Pity those who do not have the influence of the Holy Spirit, for they walk in ignorance and darkness. You, on the other hand, if blessed by the Holy Spirit, will have Peace, and Grace will be your way of life. It gets no better while on Earth than this

Draw close to Christ and pray for more portions of The Holy Spirit.

Your Father

—John Patmos


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