Prophetic Word: YOU MUST!!! (John Patmos)

Prophetic Word: YOU MUST!!! (John Patmos)

YOU MUST!!! – John Patmos

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02-18-2019 Word from The Father

8:14 p.m.


“Why, oh why, does My creation rebel against Me? Have they not heard the voice within their spirit, calling them to love? Have they not heard of the evil of Satan, that draws them away from Me? Do they not know within their reason that all sin must be punished? Do they not fear the consequences of their willful disobedience to the Law that governs man, higher than any countries’ laws— the Word of God?

I will answer these questions in the only honest manner that can be; yes, they know of the truth in their hearts. Yes, they know that there is a standard of man that they should ascribe to, and yes, they fear punishment; but suppress all this, in favor of the transitory pleasures offered by Satan.

This is why judgment will be swift, in the time of the Lord, and this Time is at Hand.

What else can Your Father do to convince you of His Truths, and that your salvation is critical to your eternal future? I have raised nations up in My Word; I have trained multitudes of priests; I have given My Word in many forms throughout the ages; I sent My Son to suffer and die on your behalf; I send messages even now, through the hands of your fellow humans, to warn and guide you; I intercede with the Holy Spirit continuously, so many times that they cannot be counted; I have sent warnings of calamity; prophecies that bear out the truth; I send My Love always, and My Grace and Mercy. What else can I do?

Take your eternal lives seriously, because you are living in it Now. When your flesh expires, your soul and spirit continue on, and you absolutely need to make sure, by your thoughts and actions, that you know where the remainder, the essence of you, will go. You must.

Study the afterlife destinations that are clearly portrayed in My Word, heaven and hell. Study them well. Make your choice, and live it with every breath that you take.

What else can I say to you?

With hope of your eternal company,

The Father”

—John Patmos

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