Prophetic Message: Governed By Christ? (John Patmos)

Prophetic Message: Governed By Christ? (John Patmos)


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02-17-2019 A Word from Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit’s name in Hebrew)

8:07 p.m.


“Would you be glad if all sinners were brought to repentance? This would be the Greatest Day in the history of the Earth. Can you imagine? You would have back: truth, fairness, equity, trust, healthy morality, fidelity, social order; all would have a hope for the future and full faith in God. All would be back in sync, just as the Creator designed it, and joy would pervade all sectors of the world. Love would abound and war would end. Peace would be the natural order of things, and the teachings of Jesus would be the Law of the Land.

Can you imagine being able to walk out of your home and not lock the door…..leave your keys in your car..…safely leave your children in the custody of another..… walk safely at night on the city streets?

Some think that democracy, socialism, communism, or rule by a monarch or an authoritative figure, is the key to social order and quality of life. All social experiments of the past and present have proved these theories to be false. To have peace, a society must live in the absence of sin, and abide by the fundamental tenants of the teachings of Christ. Any reader of the Word will attest to the viability of a society in peace, if governed by these.

So, shall we call this the ideal—or Perfect Society? Shall we give this lifestyle a position of paramountcy in the world?

Why does the natural order of things fall so neatly into the religion of Christ? Could it be because the order of the world and all that dwells upon it, were created to function this way? Could it be that you were designed to function this way? Yes, this is true; and yes, if peace will ever promulgate all of creation, this is how it will be done; but not in this time.

Christ will rule with a ‘rod of iron’ in the Millennium, and He will closely supervise all who are alive at that time; but, there will still be rebellion in the end.

So you see, that as long as there is free will and influences to sin; the world will have strife and lawlessness, and thus a need for repentance and punishment.

It will not always be as such; but in the meantime, you can do your part to instill peace in your realm of influence; and you can be a positive influence to all with whom you associate, by being a servant of Christ. You then, will be blameless for the disorder of mankind, and you will have peace.

This is the solution that all have been searching for since the Beginning of Time, and the search will not be over until the End of Time; but you…… you can be pure and favored above all.

Trust in My Words.

Ruach HaKodesh”

—John Patmos


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