Prophetic Word: Welcome To The Matrix (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word: Welcome To The Matrix (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Welcome to the Matrix! 2-17-19

“Welcome to the Matrix!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America, welcome to the house of horrors and the land of smoke and mirrors! Deception is rampant and truth is vague, but no one seems to care. The machine of the New World Order is operating on time and My Church is fast asleep! What will you do when the reality of My Prophets and My Word comes to pass in the quickness of time? How many days will you have wasted on politics and promotion of the deity of man? You are as foolish as the Galatians who were bewitched by satan and his tactics, yet you claim to be wiser in this hour! Forsake not the assembling together, for soon the need for one another will be vital for your survival! Hide My Word in your heart, and grow closer to Me and remember that I AM your only source of Life and Light. For soon the nations will be joined by a common force. The spirit of the lawless one will fool them and trick them into believing a lie, and you My Sheep, will be their prey! You My True Church, will endure great affliction, but as I delivered the Children of Israel out of the hands of Pharaoh, so will I deliver you in this final hour! Fear not, for I have overcome the world!” Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 13) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube My book “Destiny Is Your Decision” has been released! Check it out at… Please prayerfully consider supporting our World-Wide Ministry! You can give at or by check or money order: Ignited Church PO Box 303 Lavonia, Ga 30553 THANK YOU! JESUS IS LORD OVER IGNITED CHURCH LAVONIA, GA!!!

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