Prophetic Message: A Cruel God? (John Patmos)

Prophetic Message: A Cruel God? (John Patmos)

A Cruel God? – John Patmos

02-14-2019 A Word from Ruach HaKodesh

8:04 p.m.


“How is it that the Maker of all things that were created, is in a compromise with one of His creation; this being the evil one, Satan? You may ask, why does God not just destroy him and all evil, and thus have the perfect world that He originally designed? Would this not be more compassionate for all living on the Earth and in the hereafter? You think, if God islove, then how can He allow these terrible times to continue and the suffering of innocents?

These are valid questions and they propagate from good reason and a good heart; this heart and this reason given to you, by the One who allows these seeming inconsistencies. What is the answer; how can this be?

God is a God of love, but God is also a God of Laws. Whatever He covenants or decrees, does not change, and God does not change; otherwise, He would not be in the state of perfection. He is now and forever will be, as He IS.

The covenant that He made with His creations, were never terminated or changed before their time; which was set at the time of the Covenant. The changes that did occur however, were due to humans, angels, or other creations, exercising their will in favor or against, the Laws set out by God. Search God’s Word and you will see many examples.

When these interventions of ‘will’ happened, then God altered the original covenanted plan, to justly deal with the breach or fulfillment. In the case of the curse on the world, God’s plan was changed because of the prideful disobedience of Satan; then further, with the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Whenboth of these breaches occurred, God changed the terms of the Covenant, and thus set the New Plan in action. This new plan had a beginning and a prescribed end; and only intervention by the One who created that plan, or other heroic intervention— by the wills of saints and the saved; can change the final outcome.

As it is today, the curse continues and the plan continues, until the preordained end; the end that God spoke into being when He changed the course of history, because of the repugnant sins of the creations that He so lovingly assimilated into the state of being.

Thus, you can surmise that it was Satan, hosts of Angels; Adam and Eve; and countless others who brought about all the pain and suffering that we see now; and even you, prior to your perfection. All sin is abhorrent to God, and inconsistent with His Being; yet free will is necessary for one to rise in love, to the point of Communion with God.

It is sad, but along with perfection came love, the necessary component that gives meaning to existence; and this love allowed for the potential to say ‘no’ to love, and thus sin. Blame sin, for the current state of the Earth, and you will be accurate in your summation of all events, since Satan fell from grace.

Be a part of the solution, and not part of the problem. ‘Be Ye Perfect’ and love God with all your heart, soul, spirit and mind; and love your neighbor as yourself. This is the solution. Pray that this be so, in your life and the lives of those you love.

Holy love showers the righteous.”

Ruach HaKodesh

(The Name of The HOLY SPIRIT in Hebrew)

John Patmos

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