Prophetic Word: A Martyr’s Hope & Mark Of The Beast (John Patmos)

Prophetic Word: A Martyr’s Hope & Mark Of The Beast (John Patmos)


02-13-2019 A Word from Ruach HaKodesh:

face persecution boldly | Disciples of hope

9:04 p.m.


“Blessed are the peacemakers for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed art thou who are persecuted for My Name’s sake, for they will receive Mercy. Blessed art thou who die for My sake, for their Heavenly Future is secured.

When it is demanded of you to take the mark of the beast in the near future, you must not even have one thought of compromise; for doing so, will damn you to an eternity of unimaginable pain and suffering. The alternative to this is to be martyred; there will be no other alternative, you will conform or die.

The evil ones will use a carefully crafted strategy of works and words to attempt to get your compliance, but you must not be fooled. Do not think that you can out smart them or trick them for thy will have the power of Satan with them. Do not confront them if your death is imminent; just surrender yourself to The Lord and commit your spirit to Him, and He will help you through your trials and suffering.

When the strike of death occurs you will immediately ascend to Heaven, this is the promise to all martyrs of God. Immediately you will escape the curse, and you will live in the dignity and love that you were created to be within.

All must die, and to die in Christ has great reward; but to die in sin unconfessed and unexpiated has severe consequences, so a martyr’s death is in many ways, a blessing. If you are in this scenario, pray that your death is swift, and that the evil ones deal quickly with you. This is mercy, but to accept the mark or to die in sin, is tragedy. You must believe this, for this is Truth.

You are trained, schooled and brainwashed, to believe that all such thought is fantasy; but the evidence that you see and experience suggests to the contrary. Do not sit on the fence, looking both ways and contemplating ad infinitum; jump off the fence into the Realm of God and experience the true reality that you were born into. This is the only way to Heaven and this is the only way to God.

Choose wisely, and begin to live the eternity that is Now.

Unbraided love to you.

Ruach HaKodesh”

—John Patmos

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