Prophetic Word: Who Calls Me Master? (John Patmos)

Prophetic Word: Who Calls Me Master? (John Patmos)


02-11-2019    Given by YESHUA HAMASHIACH

6:48 p.m.


“Who calls Me Master?  Do the heathens?  Do the atheists?  Do the fornicators?  Do the adulterers?  Do any sinners that knowingly affront Me?  Do the Luke-warm believers?  Do the terrible and evil?  Do you?  Do the unborn?

Of all named above, who do you think that I will respond to, if they cry out for Me as their Master?  How is the condition of the spirit and soul of all listed here? 

If you call Me Master, do you do it in hypocrisy or do you follow all My commandments?  Do you know all My commandments, and how do you serve Me properly if you do not?

Take My commandments from both the Old and the New Testaments and commit them to writing, and place them in your private place, and learn and live them.  Then, you can call Me Master, and I will call you My faithful child.

Your God will love you, even in your state of hypocrisy, but you will not be My servant, and I will not be your Master.  Can you see this principle?  It is critical to your salvation, so take this message as a stern warning and heed My direction.  I do not want you to fail, and I will continue to do all that I can to intervene for you, if you faithfully live for and in Me.

The unborn?  Yes, they call Me Master; and I listen to and harken to them always, even when they were fabricated in the Father’s mind at the time of creation.  The unborn have cried “Master” since they were given a soul and spirit, long before conception; and I listen, and I will always listen to them. 

 When they are not given a chance to live in the physical and serve Me, and build rewards in heaven; I listen.  When they reflect on the fact that they were not wanted and destroyed and sent back to Me; I listen and I cry with them.  When they lament the terrible sin that is placed upon the parents; I lament with them.  When they are allowed to take a brief look to Earth and see their parents being overcome by sin and pain; I lament with them.  When they see their parents fall into hell, if unrepentant; I grieve sorely, but I blot this from the remembrance of this innocent child forever.

Take heed to My Words, for they are not given in vain.  See this truth and obey.

Always in love,”


—John Patmos

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