WE MUST DO THE WALK (Cornell D’Angelo)

WE MUST DO THE WALK (Cornell D’Angelo)

The WALK – Cornell d’Angelo

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I have basically spent the last 21 years getting
ready for this Time Of The Release…

The Keys and Essentials:

A relationship with Jesus Christ!

Deliverance in order to be Truly Free In Christ!

To come out from under the false Dominion of Satan that rules in the world. Many believers are still under the false dominion and have not come under the True Dominion of Jesus Christ!

Generational curses must be broken.

Soul ties must be destroyed.

The chains that bind us and oppress us
must be destroyed.

To come into the knowledge that will keep you from perishing through the one teacher Jesus Christ!

To have proper discernment… Spiritual eyes to see! It is important to be able to discern and see how evil and darkness is working around us in order not to be misled, distracted or taken out!

Knowing how to do spiritual warfare!
Along with how to bind and loose.
One must live a set apart life with a continuous
progression in holiness.

You must be able to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd in order to be guided in all things through His voice and through the Holy Spirit… Jesus was led by the Father in all things when He walked in the Earth.

You must truly hate this world and not bow to it. To truly be in the world but not of the world. To transcend!

To actually be born again from above which requires that we pick up our crosses and carry them the full distance of the death of our flesh first!

You must walk upon The Narrow Path…Not walk upon the broad path that is disguised as the narrow by satan!

We must be willing to look into the Word of God as a mirror that we may be convicted of our many debts, go before the mercy seat and be forgiven!

We must learn to walk as Christ walked because He is the Firstborn Who is The Way for we that are the Fallen since the Garden of Eden!

We must realize that there are no shortcuts, no special pre-trib Rapture and other nonsense like that. The price is the price and the distance is the distance!

One must understand who the remnant really is along with the role of the hundred and forty four thousand pure sons of God that are emerging!

One must become a Millenial Kingdom Forerunner… not trying to fix this world but preparing for the new that is coming! Entering into what I call Kingdom Consciousness!

There’s more but the above is
a pretty good overview.

When I say the world is not ready for this what I mean is that people are not ready for the degree of Darkness that is coming upon the Earth… things that I saw and experienced as a child in my Satanic ritual abuse has shown me the depths of Darkness all around us that is ever increasing. There will be much insanity and things that we will witness that we can barely handle without being prepared!

At the same time we are facing the judgement
of the Lord in the Earth!

I will repeat that it is imperative to hear the voice of our Lord
so as not to walk blindly in the world that is
a raging stormy sea!

Scripture says that the Lord will return and it will be
as in the days of Noah but most people do not
understand how bad it really got
Before the Flood!

January 2019

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