Prophetic Word: My Word Is Life For All Who Seek After Righteousness (Ali Winters)

Prophetic Word: My Word Is Life For All Who Seek After Righteousness (Ali Winters)

A Watchman on the Wall

Posted: 10 Feb 2019 02:06 PM PST

“O, how much of sin comes out of faith delayed.” Charles Spurgeon

“Do not look right or left, but keep your eyes on Me, I AM your rampart. I AM your sure foundation. Seek none other. (John 16)  Refuse to be silenced. Many will try to silence The Truth through threat, intimidation, ridicule and strife.  The joy of the LORD must be your strength. (Ezekiel 24)

My Word is LIFE…life for all who would seek after righteousness. Life for all who will search their hearts and confess their sins. I have come to give life. Embrace My Word, embrace life. There is room at the cross for all. (Romans 9)  Rejoice that your names are written in The Lamb’ Book of Life. Weep for those who have distanced themselves far from Me. Weep as a mother weeps at the loss of a child. My heart yearns for the day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ IS LORD. I take NO delight in the death of the wicked. Hell was created for Lucifer and the fallen who chose to follow him. Yes My heart is grieved for today millions continue to choose to follow the son of perdition. Believing the lie, blindly they follow; blind yet still they follow. (Psalm 111)

How dark the days…evil darkness. The blackness of night, the shadows of the day surround the nation. The church lies in ruin, the nation stripped of her beauty, tattered and torn. The church has chosen the wide road…a road filled with corruption, deception, greed, murder and lies. The church is lead by the false the fake the lame the blind. Come out of her My people and be ye separate. Do not become entangled in the ways of the world. The ways of the world hold My children captive. The hold is strong for My Word has been ignored, maligned, watered down or changed to teach things contrary to My Way. My Word is holy yet millions have profaned it without regard for consequences. Pillars of faith will fall as My judgment is swift, mighty removing all doubt of Who I AM. (Malachi 2:10; Revelation 18:4-5)

Continue to call out to Me. Continue to seek My ways. I will not leave you alone. I will be with you in times of plenty and in times of lack. Take dominion over the evil one. He is a liar and the truth is not in him. Cast out his power in your life in The Name of My Son. The events that must come upon this nation will silence the grumblers and drive many to their knees. It will not be pretty but harsh, and hard to watch. Be ready for what must happen. An explosion…fire, much destruction, death. The times are in My hand. You have been warned, few have listened. Millions have ignored the warnings and now it is time. Soon…soon the devastation will begin. Be about the Father’ business. Show others My love. Share My Light, Share My love, Share Eternal life with all with ears to hear and eyes to see Truth. Mankind’ evil will pale in comparison to My glory. Shine ever more brightly…be the light, be the beacon in the darkness. Know your name is written in The Lamb’ Book of Life. Rejoice and be glad, rejoice and be at peace.

The goodness of God cannot be overshadowed by the evils of the world. My light will shine in the darkness. Show forth My love to this people shrouded in hopelessness, fear and doubt.” (John 6:26-27; 29; 35)

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