Prophetic Dream: Persecution Has Begun! (Crystal Love4Jesus)

Prophetic Dream: Persecution Has Begun! (Crystal Love4Jesus)

Wow Sister what a prophetic dream! Yes your dream actually reminds me of the invasion coming! Holy Spirit is telling me it lines up with how China & Russia will be coming into America and they will invade us from Northern California!!! The entire Southern California border wall garbage is just a distraction” Thus said The Lord Jesus! He said that the wall people want built will be built but it is actually being made to keep people inside”.. the escape route is the Southern Cali border!!!” So then that’s when Martial law will be in full effect then it will lead into all FEMA camps opened and people getting captured and either take the mark or become a martyr. Your dream should wake people up, hopefully!!! God bless you abundantly sweet Sister! Shalom
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2 Replies to “Prophetic Dream: Persecution Has Begun! (Crystal Love4Jesus)”

  1. Monster size earthquake before rapture.
    God gave me this dream April 21 2019
    Revelation 3:10
    Crystal love4Jesus confirmed by dream. Saw her I tube video today.
    We are going Home!!!

    1. There are 3 harvests so depends on which one you are in. Barley Harvest is firstfruits and they go first. I know everyone thinks we are all leaving before persecution hits America like it is in other countries but that is not correct.

      But your dream sounds like the Day of the Lord, 6th seal and that is not just yet. There are some things that still have to happen. If we all left, nobody would be martyred in this country and many of the Bride will be martyred.

      we will go home soon but not any day now. That is a nice thought though.


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