Prophetic Message: Living In The Final Hour! (Bill Lang)

Prophetic Message: Living In The Final Hour! (Bill Lang)

Living in the final hour! – Bill Lang

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Everything that is happening in the world today is to accelerate the rise of the NWO, the Roman Empire, the final man-government of this fallen age; Period!

Truly it is just a revealing of the hidden hand; that has always ruled the once born man! All that was hidden is rising to the surface!

Obviously, this is the hour! Daily we see biblical prophecy happening all around us!

The world has never been so dark-evil and will get darker everyday! It is written!

It is time for those who call themselves Christians and believers to wake up! Quickly! It is one minute to midnight!

It is not God’s desire to save America or to prolong satan’s rule of this fallen broken evil world!

However, it is God’s desire to let the antichrist rise because we are living in the very last days of this fallen age! Simply because it is now time!

This fallen age will soon be burned up in order to establish the righteous Kingdom of God on the New Earth! Not one stone will be left standing!

The wheats and the tares are and will be separated to determine who will populate God’s Kingdom on the New Earth; and who will not!

“Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”
(NIV Revelation 21-27)

Only those whose sins have been covered in the precious blood and are born again thru belief in God’s love through the sacrificial Lamb of God; the only begotten Son of God, sweet Jesus-Yeshua of Nazareth; will enter in! Those who boast in the finished work of Jesus on His cross!

Jesus is the one and only blood sacrifice-payment in full for the sins of man; and all have fallen short!

One must be born again (receive the Holy Spirit indwelling) to see the Kingdom of God!

As mature followers of Jesus-Yeshua; our single focus ought to be saving souls! It is the only reason God woke us up again today!

All who deny the anti Christ and this world, God will raise up to join Jesus in the righteous kingdom of The New Jerusalem!

In these the last days; it is so clear to see the immaturity of many believers!

Desperately hoping and praying for the safety, protection and turn around of America, when God has said it must fall!

Praying for America and not for the born again supernatural spiritual awakening salvation of the countless lost souls in America and worldwide!

It is Gods will that not one human soul would perish! Pray for that and be used by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the great commission of Jesus!

Voting instead of fishing!

Focused on the things of this world (Caesar-Trump) and not the great commission of our Lord King Jesus!

Many play ignorant, or are fooling themselves in denial, because they don’t want to face the hour that we are living in!

Many aren’t ready! These believers I liken to Lots wife!

She believed in God; yet in her heart, she longed to be in this world!

She wasn’t ready! Because of that, her love for something in Sodom; she was turned into a pillar of salt!

If you are focused on your future in this world; your house is built on sinking sand! It is all vanity!

As mature followers of Jesus-Yeshua; our single focus ought to be saving souls! Dead to self and alive in Christ; led of the Holy Spirit indwelling!

Beloveds, this is no time to mess around! God knows our hearts and He is sure to honor them!

Who and what has your heart? God or this world?

I encourage all to be ready!

Those who are mature in Christ; who know God Intimately; are so ready!

Our hearts long for the day of The New Jerusalem; when Israel finally accepts Jesus-Yeshua as her Messiah-King!

We live only to fulfill the great commission of our Lord and Savior King Jesus!

In submission to the divine sculpting hand of the Holy Spirit indwelling; we have been transformed into selfless, sacrificial lovers for the Holy Spirit born again awakening salvation of all men’s souls!

I cant wait to ditch my flesh and this fallen broken Satan ruled world and to rise to Jesus in my glorious body!

Yes, it is true that Christ and I are one inside my heart right now, I live from His Kingdom within me; but very soon divine love will cover the entire New Earth!

O glory! Sweet glory! Praise God!

For all who endure to the end, our 7th day rest is right around the corner! 1000 years no evil!

In Christ alone!

All glory, honor and praise to my Holy Trinity; God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

In Jesus-Yeshua’s holy name! All in all for my Lord and savior King Jesus!

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