Prophetic Compilation Of The Rapture, Era Of Peace, The Warning & 3 Days Of Darkness (Only A Grain Of Sand)

Prophetic Compilation Of The Rapture, Era Of Peace, The Warning & 3 Days Of Darkness (Only A Grain Of Sand)

The Rapture, The Era Of Peace, The Warning & The 3 Days Of Darkness: A Compilation
Only A Grain Of Sand, February 2019
Note: This material is from too many sources to credit them all, some go back to the Bible Old & New Testaments

Preamble: The 3 Days Of Darkness, The Warning Experience, The Era Of Peace, & The Rapture are all found in the Bible (Old & New Testament ). God has given prophecies of these events to the prophets and saints for thousands of years. The Troubled Times started in 2016 as stated by God The Father, to one of his prophets. ‘Troubled’ as in civil-strife in the USA and world-wide. It will accelerate as time continues. We are witnessing it now, time is speeding up, and are now in Chapter 13 of Revelation. “Wars and rumor of wars” are now epidemic. Does that mean that the Tribulation started in 2016? God The Father works with grace not dates, but we know we are in the season, the times are short. God has also said “This time has its limits.”

Many of us who have studied prophecy, End Times or Eschatology are getting old, worn out as we await the events unfolding. Truly the servants of God have been tried in the crucible, in the refining-fire. Y2K was thought to be, or promoted as the beginning of the Tribulation. Many prepared for the turn-of-the-Millennium. When it didn’t happen they gave-up, got mad at God, or dismissed it all as bunkum. God’s time is not our time. In His infinite Mercy, He wants to save all mankind. The prayers of the saints have stayed His Arm from coming down on a fallen humanity, worse than before the Flood. But souls are now raining into Hell as God has said. We should be grateful that God has been so patient with sinful mankind. God The Father has said to many prophets, do not wish it to hurry-up, for you do not understand the magnitude, the horror of it all when it commences. Here is the patience of the saints.

Part of what is not understood is this: Adam & Eve chose the Human Will over living in the Divine Will with their rebellion against God. Original Sin became the legacy of all their children down to our own day. Forced out of The Garden Of Eden, they lost their Rights as Children of God. Jesus restored us to our Rights as Children of God, but the earth is still controlled by the evil one and the Human Will is still for most of us, the only thing we know. Few live in the Divine Will. The Human Will has now brought us to the point of the destruction of the earth and all mankind, by the level of sin, depravity, evil technology, war, lust, hate and rebellion against the Ten Commandments.

The Era Of Peace will be the Triumph of the Divine Will and a time where all  humanity will live inside The Divine Will again. Restoring the Garden Of Eden, and a time of no more tears, sorrow, want, or hate. God Is Love.

We know that the anti-Christ comes as a man of peace first, that he makes peace after a war of devastation, he himself has in initiated. Many prophets of The Lord have fingered him, and his false prophet (A trickster and one of the most cunning men in history.), has also been revealed and is in position. This writer is aware of both of these candidates, in time they will be un-masked to all Christians, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox alike.

When the second part of the Tribulation starts or the Great Tribulation all Christians of all denomination will have to drop their differences as they will all be marked for destruction, by the Beast system. They had better stick together as “a house divided against itself will fall.”

The exact date of the start of the Tribulation has also been hotly debated by many. Many signs in the sun, moon and stars have already taken place. But God The Father has stated to a prophet that we are now in Revelation or Apocalypse, Chapter 13.

God will Judge the world and then will come His Wrath. The Warning Experience happens during the Judgment and The 3 Days Of Darkness happens is the time of His Wrath afterwards. The Rapture will be between The Warning and The 3 Days of Darkness. The Era Of Peace is at the end of the sequence, there will be the 1000 Years Of Peace or Millennial Kingdom, as some call it. After that comes the Bema Seat Final Judgment with Jesus Christ, who reigned as King Of The Era Of Peace, separating the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares forever, after all the dead are raised in their flesh.

Again the 3 Days Of Darkness happens at the end of the Final 3 ½ Year Tribulation period for all those still on earth both the saved and damned. The Rapture of The Bride of Christ will have already taken place, though some of the saints came back after being taken-up, as supernatural warriors, to bring in the final harvest/sheep of the flock to God, of the Lukewarm. Those in Refuges that were protected from the anti-Christ and the Beast system will be safe inside their Refuges, during the entire last half of The Tribulation. Those Refuges will then move lock, stock and barrel into the Era Of Peace in the New Jerusalem. They will be part of the 12 Tribes assigned land to dwell upon. Living long lives in a land of peace, plenty, mild climate and large families of many children. There will be no electricity or advanced technology.

The Warning:
NOTE: Called by many names: The Warning Experience, The Illumination Of Conscience, The Second Pentecost, The Ball Of Redemption, & The Purification Of The Flesh.

1. The night before the Warning will be extremely cold and thunder will break out over the entire earth, roaring. The day of the Warning the Cross Of Christ will appear in the sky for all human eyes, world-wide, at the same time. Some have said it will happen at 3pm Jerusalem time-frame, as this was the time Jesus left this earth in death. So for those on the east-coast of North America it will be 7 or 8 hours behind Jerusalem time. If the Jerusalem 3pm time-frame is correct.
2. God will reveal to all humanity their sins of omission & commission and where if you died at that moment your eternal home would be. Those that want nothing to do with God will be shown Hell. Some will fall into Hell immediately. Why because they will curse God or their sins are too heavy. Every one will confess their sins and they will see them as in a movie starting from their infancy to the day of The Warning itself. Everyone will be alone with God, no one will hear your sins.
3. Time will stop. Machines will stop world-wide. Planes will remain stationary in the sky. Cars will stop where-ever they are, for the duration. Do not be afraid. Plead God’s Mercy. It is not an EMP event.
4. All humanity will go into their eternal souls to see that Jesus is the only true God and that all other religions are false and lead to eternal death. That Baptism is a must and all Christians must be of one denomination, “That they all be one.” as Jesus says in the Bible.
5. Those already living in the Divine Will be suffer less, and will intercede for those who are rebels or still living in the Human Will. The ones already living in the Divine Will are last to leave The Warning Experience. They will be praying for their brothers & sisters to accept God and live with Him eternally.
6. The time-frame will be approx. 15 minutes but it depends on how humanity individually and collectively responds to God’s offer of redemption. It will end when all have finally decided.
7. It Is A Yes Or No To God? You Choose?
8. Some will die because of fear or their weight of sin. Some saints will also die, so dying during The Warning is not a definitive sign of them going to Hell. Do Not Fear, But Say Yes To God’s Mercy!
9. The MSM and Beast system has a plan to call The Warning “a collective hallucination.” This is a lie from Satan, believe it not. Satan knows The Warning is coming and has a plan to nullify it if possible!
10. Some will say No to Jesus during The Warning. They then have 6 Weeks to change their minds before the Beast system is back-up (Satellites back-up in the sky, electricity/military/computers working again.) Immediate imposition of the Micro-chip follows. This 6 weeks is the time to Repent!
Satan has no power over humanity for the duration of these 6 weeks, by order of God The Father. The 6 Weeks following is when the Bride of Christ has time to help save souls of those who said ‘No’ to God, and some will repent finally. We are to help them come to the Lord.
11. All who say ‘Yes’ to God at the Warning must then be Baptized into the Christian faith, who were of other religions or never Baptized in their lives.
12. Some who said Yes to the Lord during The Warning, will back-slide to their sin and fall-away from God once and for all time. Because they will return to the sins or lifestyles of their former lives.
13. After the 6 Weeks, a great-one/leader of a country in the world will be assassinated starting WWIII.

14.The Warning has also been called The Purification Of The Flesh as those that choose God, will no longer be of this world, they will have started their transition into The Era Of Peace. Their flesh will be cleansed from the black-marks of sin. Sin causes these marks and and they soil our ‘garment’ as it says in the Bible, so The Purification Of The Flesh will be the removal of all these stains, making us truly the Children Of The Light and ready to do battle with the enemy and his minions: human, robotic and demonic spirits.
15. Now part of the confusion of where the 3 Days Of Darkness, is this: The Comet/Gaseous Body/
Planet X/Niburu whatever you want to call it will pass by the earth during The Warning Experience. It will cause some damage to the land, water, air. Its magnetic pull will initiate earthquakes and volcanoes, tsunamis and animal kill-off, So it may be a full 3 days of staying inside, praying until the air clears. But the same heavenly body comes back as God’s Wrath at the end of the Tribulation to wipe the earth clean of all evil. We will be gathered up in the air to the Lord all who are saved. Be At Peace!
16. After the 6 weeks have expired the anti-Christ will be on all media seducing/hypnotizing all who see his face and hear his voice. So you must then destroy all your cell phones, TVs, computers, pagers, tablets. Therefore it is imperative that families make plans now for this eventual circumstance. Now is the time to have conferences with family or like-minded friends or neighbors.
17. Your Guardian Angel will lead those who have not been Raptured but are with the Lord, that are in His Will to stay on Earth during the Great Tribulation. You must leave immediately, like the Israelite’s or the flame of the Holy Spirit a small flame will lead you to safety.

Preparation For The 3 Days Of Darkness
1. The week before (stated as 8 days before the event) strange white clouds (the gaseous tail of Niburu or Planet X will appear in the sky world-wide. NOTE: This is when Niburu or Planet X will smash into the ocean. Some say the Atlantic, some say the Pacific, it is up to God which one he chooses?
2. It will happen after an extremely cold-night, to show God is Master of All. Experienced by every human in the world on the same day at the same time, where-ever you are at that moment.
3. The night before thunder will roar world-wide causing great fear in humanity.
4. The morning of the event enter into your house and close the door tight. The windows must all be covered as lightening will crash for the entire 2 ½ days. God’s Anger is Just but to be curious is to be as Lot’s wife and may cause instant death.
5. Earthquakes will start and continue as Niburu or Planet X comes closer to the earth. The houses, nor the land of the Bride of Christ will not be destroyed but woe to anyone outside or the houses of sinners.
6. Have extra food and water laid out for the animals on your land if you have them as they will be protected by God also.
7. Children will sleep through the period as innocents (under age 7), they will be spared the horror. Pets inside the house may be dormant also?
8. Have toiletries and covered pails or containers to use during the period, to deal with waste matter.
9. Have a table with a Crucifix, Bible, (1) Candle, picture of Jesus or God The Father and pray non-stop. The table will be the only thing in the house that does not shake. It will help to stay focused on God and not on your fears or the world in Judgment.
10. If you hear your loved-ones at the door calling you to let them in Do Not Open The Door. It is the demons mimicking their voices. Remember Satan is a super-angelic entity, far beyond our own capabilities. If you open the door or window you will die. NOTE: This is why this satanic move Bird Box must not be viewed by any Christians, as it is a curse, filled with truth/lies but will deceive many into rash, foolish and deadly behavior that will destroy many.
11. At the end of the 3 Days Of Darkness, a new day will dawn, Springtime. The world will be totally restored/renewed. It will be as during the Garden of Eden before the Fall. You must have a wind-up clock as there will be no electricity and no machine will work in the world during the event. You must calculate the 3 ½ days properly, so as not to open the window or door and be killed by the fire/deadly gasses/demons/crazed humanity for they will be human torches already burning, like the straw of their eternal homes in Gehenna. These will run crazed thru the world on a rampage to destroy any and all.
12. Praising and Thanking God will be the order of the new day, but sadly much of humanity will have been destroyed. NOTE: All those who choose God at The Warning Experience must also ask God to survive the 3 Days Of Darkness.

A Warning To All Christians
God does not want you to take up arms and kill except to save your own life. “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” The government has advanced technology that can sense and locate weaponry. Utilizing super-soldiers they will seek out and kill all who refuse to take the mark but also all those who take-up arms to fight them. Do not place your faith on guns or weaponry. Have faith in God. He will sustain you and your loved ones. Some will be martyred, but you will instantly go to Heaven, and He will be with you in any execution, no matter how it is performed. Remember it is His Will, whatever happens to each and every one of us. Be at Peace, He loves His own children


Only A Grain Of Sand
February, 2019

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  1. Obviously, the tribulation hasn’t started. The Church is not appointed unto wrath. The A/C will be revealed when the restrainer (the Church) is taken out in the rapture, 2Thes.2:3-8. Next is the Israeli peace treaty, America split down the middle, internal revolution started by the communists in the center of America, then the Russian invasion of America. THEN the tribulation starts. References: Duduman, Bennett, Sklar, Shane Warren. Tribulation = 2022-28.


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