Prophetic Message: Our Father, Who Art In Heaven-Do You Know What This Means (EFH Ministries-John Patmos)

Prophetic Message: Our Father, Who Art In Heaven-Do You Know What This Means (EFH Ministries-John Patmos)


Our Father “Our Father Who art in heaven;” do you know what this means?

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God is omnipresent, so does this mean that heaven is everywhere or does it mean that only a part of God is in heaven? If this is so, how can it be that He is in more than one place at a time? You have heard that God is in everything, is this also true? If this is true, how can a perfect God of love be in imperfect and non-loving beings and creations? Ponder this and you will see a great perplexity for man. Man in the finite mind cannot comprehend the state of God, nor the essence of God. Only through the spiritual can man even begin to understand the most elementary aspects of God, and this will not change. Until one is lifted up, knowledge of God will be limited, and even after, the vastness and complexity of God will only be learned in countless ages, and only by glorified minds.

Humans were created to understand the love of God and through this then, bless one another and God. In your communion with God you will experience His touch and His blessing, and through your love, you will communicate directly with God in this love connection, for this is the way that God designed you. However, this communion is not possible to this same degree intellectually, simply because there is a vast void between the human beings and the Great Creator.

As you leave this world, if in holiness, purity, and righteousness; you will then move to the ‘Power Center of Love’ and you will begin to learn about your God. This wisdom will fill you with glory and you will forever be in awe of who and what your heavenly Father is. He is the “I Am.” Everything that is good is of God, and everything that will ever be good is of God and this includes you; if you pass the test on the cursed planet called Earth.

Strive My children, always strive for perfection; for this is your daily relationship with Me and this is what leads you to Me. This is My will for you. Fail not. Take this knowledge into your heart and learn it well. Let it lift you up as you seek My Face.

Blessings will be upon all who read, understand, and live in My Word.

I give this to all mankind with Love.”

(given to EFH Ministries)



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