Prophetic Message To The Bride Of Christ (Godshealer7)

Prophetic Message To The Bride Of Christ (Godshealer7)


Do you know Me? Do you know My ways? I’m coming for My bride. Once you are removed from earth evil will flourish, crying will be heard in the heavens. Those who have not heeded My words will see a whirlwind of destruction coming upon the nations. The leaders will hide underground to escape My wrath. The remaining people will be tortured and slaughtered by the beast. I love My children. I have waited because I don’t want any to perish. I paused time for you to come to Me. Many have come. Many more have rejected Me, ignoring My messengers and prophets warnings and calls to repentance. I must take action now to prevent more innocent bloodshed. Because you know Me I haven given you understanding and wisdom to prepare for the coming days before your departure. You will be safe. Do not fear any man. I will protect you. TRUST ME. Keep your focus on Me. Do not get involved with the world or worldly people. Separate yourself NOW if you haven’t already. Your Bridegroom is coming.


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